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How to Love
Leia Love
I'm an explorer of the Soul, opening more deeply to my Divine Self, the other half of my Soul (Twin Flame) and our Creator. I love becoming filled with the Love and Light of my Soul and connecting to the same in others. 
By Leia Love
Published on 06/7/2012
Looks at the problem of figuring out how to love and suggests a simple heart-felt solution.

How to Love
When one explores the plethora of spiritual teachings and pathways via gurus, masters, religions, you find pretty quickly that the major thing you have to learn if you wish to live a more conscious life is how to love. And if you have diligently searched for God, for Love and for the most enlightened way to live on our planet, then you may have already encountered some of the awaiting pitfalls I am about to mention in the search for how to love.

We find how to love frequently mentioned in the same breath with a shift from the mind to the heart, letting go of thinking, opening the heart, feeling through the heart and allowing the heart and your intuition to be your guides. It is clear that our hearts are essential, if sometimes vague and elusive entities, in the all-important search for how to love.

We are also told that Love just is! In fact, Love is the substance of everything, everyone, every thought, every breath. It is so pervasive that one wonders how we can miss it! And yet, we look around at our lives and we see much that does not seem loving, and we resume our quest for how to love.

Instructions about how to love abound including meditation, breathing instructions, how to still the mind, rituals. Volumes of words of self-help spread themselves before us as we explore.

But just the seeming necessity to use spoken and written language to learn how to love brings us immediately into the province of the mind -- judgments, comparisons, contrasts, descriptions. When one uses language, a mind tool, one quickly notes that the automatic creation of dualities (good, bad, right, wrong).

Is there a right way to learn how to love? A wrong way? Is one way of loving better than another? Does becoming a loving person require a practice? A ritual? Our observation of ourselves as to how we are doing?

A paradox arises here. It seems that the moment we are mind-aware of anything we are doing to educate ourselves as to how to love, we are in that moment being unloving. Why? We are rejecting or resisting or judging one thing in favor or another. We are placing our conscious attention on the difference between a "do" and a "don't" and that in itself negates the completely all-inclusive and completely accepting and allowing character of Real Love.

It seems, therefore, that how to love has no instruction manual but rather, perhaps, can be found in the emergence of a spontaneous feeling from deep within us which already exists there. Perhaps an intangible spark is waiting to open and when it does, we feel different. We feel alive, open to everything, resistant to nothing and in every direction we see beauty and wonder and life feels miraculous. Love teaches us by its very nature how to love.

Even if we only have such an experience for a moment or two, we know in that experience that we do know how to love. It is who we are! The best way to re-experience it is to desire it and then just let it happen -- and to remember the feeling! Once ignited, this spark of how to love can only come again and again.

Shared with permission from Circle of Light Spiritual Center (www.circleoflight.net)