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Walking In God?s Word Leads beyond the Boundaries of Only The Bible
William Zodda
William Zodda is a peacemaker, Founder of the 501 C non-profit organization, temple of the Heart, a story teller of esoteric meanings of the divine lilas of the God recorded in the devotional literatures of eastern Vedas and western Biblical books. He tells instructive stories from the bible to the ancient Vedic devotional literatures from India that powerfully contribute to awaking devotional experiences.  
By William Zodda
Published on 06/17/2012
Those whose faith in Truth transcends the boundaries of prejudices in Religion. There intelligence becomes greater than just a smidgen Those taught within hear God?s inspired Word Spoken, Written, by great sages that past rigid sectarians also spurred Accepting association with the insights of those genuinely spiritually mature Is really the only cure To see deeper purport of the bible Penetrating limiting prejudice of the tribal The essence of the same Truth is elsewhere also found By Grace ones heart knows what else is also authentically profound