Plato tells a story about a man who fell into a cave and found a tribe of people living there. All they had for light was what came through the hole coming through the ground. They had a lake and food. Every once in awhile a person or animal would walk past the cave entrance and so they knew there was life there, but they didn't know what was there and were frightened because it would cut off some of their light, so they didn't know it was a human being, they just knew something happened. Eventually one person said there is a whole world up there, but others said this wasn't true. No one would climb up to find out. Most human beings want to stay in the cave where they feel safe and they are not willing to climb out. They perceive something different from the world they live in, and this scares them. At the end of Plato's story there is one who makes his way to the mouth of the cave and sees the truth, and when he returns and tells the others that they must go to see what is up mere. He says come with me, but they all think he is crazy, and they all decide to stay.




The first challenge that all spiritual travelers have is the willingness to rise above the crowd. The mass consciousness exerts a strong hold on keeping a person bound to traditional thinking, and yet most of those traditions are lacking in the answers that are important to know. Most people are in some sort of struggle with their lives. It may be physical, financial, relationships, emotional, or spiritual.


In most cases there seems to be invisible bonds that block them. These impediments to personal freedom stem from what is called the ego. The ego is primarily a complex defense system or survival system that we developed to keep us safe in the face of physical and emotional threats. It creates identities that react with such methods as fear which is designed to keep us safe, but which often ends up being irrational and contributing to creating the very things that are feared. Other defense mechanisms are anger, depression, arrogance, rage, worry, criticism, blame, and many related reactions. In order to progress on our life journey we must first become aware of the nature of these traits, and then employ methods to deal with them. Otherwise, we are enslaved by them and go through a life with continual questions, struggle and pain.




Through techniques and practices the ego traits can actually be dissolved and eventually eliminated. There are ways to be free of the traits that have seemed to thwart and block you. Many have already done this and are now enjoying lives of incredible freedom, peace, love, beauty, happiness and an ever unfolding enlightened joy in living.


There are unique and incredible clearing practices and shifts in your calibrated level of consciousness that make levels of freedom attainable by virtually everyone. You can learn processes that you can work with on your own that will help you with this, but perhaps the most revolutionary practice of all is in applying procedures with another who can tune into your needs and help you accelerate your releasing of whatever is limiting or blocking you from reaching clear levels of consciousness.  This has traditionally been the role of teachers and gurus and should not be underestimated.  Being in the presence of someone whose consciousness is at an enlightened state can have a tremendous influence on accelerating your progress. 




Besides the healing and clearing processes that can take place with an enlightened teacher, they can help you refine your ability to connect with your divine essence and divine love as the means of reaching these higher states in a surprisingly accelerated way. In turn you can also learn to help others through the consciousness shifts you are experiencing.  As you progressively become clearer and clearer eventually all that is left is your divine self.  When you have washed and cleared your heart center with the purity of deep love, the only thing left is the purity you were originally created with, but which became buried under the effects of the ego.


You will awaken to the reality of recognizing you are one with love and God, and explore the wonder of the depths of what that means. The awakening that comes brings the deepest freedom that exists--freedom from suffering, struggle and pain. Once you taste this path and break free of the bondage of the ego, you will experience unspeakable deep beauty and love. Yes, you can reach a state in which there is no pain or struggle.  Others have done it and you can as well.


Everywhere you look you will see the universe open with the most exquisite beauty everywhere. You may even be overwhelmed by it and feel a wonderful bliss, euphoria and deep love. You will enter a beautiful universal harmony and flow with life. Some people also go through a stage of ecstasy.  All some can do is laugh and feel happy. Others feel a completeness and deep peace and stillness. Others are engulfed with unconditional love. Some are overcome with beauty. Everyone expresses their experience in a unique way.




In past ages it took decades to reach these states, which you can now reach in months or a few years.  There are processes that help you access states of consciousness that make the transformations easier and quicker than you might imagine. The methods that utilize energy transmissions and consciousness shifting techniques have radically changed the enlightenment process.


David R. Hawkins describes in his book “Power vs Force” there is a continuum of consciousness from the lower ego drives to the highest states of enlightenment. He describes a process whereby you can calibrate and know where you are on the relative scale of enlightenment. On a scale between 0 and 1,000 most people in North America are between 200 and 300. Those more advanced are in the 400's, and those who are awakening and experiencing more love and joy are in the 500s. When a person reaches 600 and above they are living in enlightened states of consciousness all the time.   I have seen people reach these elevated levels and are enjoying incredibly beautiful lives that most people are  unaware of.


There are some applications and practices you will need to apply daily, but the energies and frequencies of consciousness will do a lot of the work for you. All you have to do is be open and the tractor beam will pull you home. As long as you don't fight the light, it will take you home. This is a path of attraction to divine light and surrender to God's love, wisdom, intelligence and power. When you do that, all the things that torment you will dissolve and vanish from your life.