This one is a bit long & specific,
but should bring clarity to a lot questions
that have come in lately.    

"Meditation is a combination
of both witnessing
what is happening in the moment
(as opposed to identifying
with what is happening)  

and surrendering
to what is here
(as opposed to trying to control 
or resist your experience.)  

So you want to allow
your experience
in this moment
to be as it is
but without identifying with it.  

You want to experience
this moment as sensation
without trying to define it, describe it, judge it,
or say 'this is me.'  

The main obstacle in meditation
is the mind.  

Thoughts arise And the tendency is
to identify with the thoughts,
to become involved with the thinking.  

To think you are the thinker
and that the thinking is important.  

And then one thought
leads to another
and before you know it,
meditation time is up.  

Many will spend
their entire meditation
simply enjoying a certain relaxation
while being distracted and consumed
by the thoughts.  

This is normal.
And there is a certain amount
of spiritual growth that comes
from just enjoying the peace that is there.  

But true meditation means
to let go of this tendency
of being distracted by your thinking.  

To little by little, have moments
where you are not distracted
by your thinking
but are present
with what is here beyond thinking.  

So you want to surrender
to allow the thoughts & emotions to arise,  
because if you try and stop them,
or control them,
you will increase your stress.  

You want to surrender
so that you can allow yourself
to experience what is here
beyond the thinking.  

Yet at the same time,
you want to witness the thoughts arising,
so that you do not become lazy
and habitually get lost in your thinking.  

You want to be completely focused
in the moment to see the thought arising
and instantly let it go.  

So there is this balance
that is always the aim:
witnessing and surrender
both at once.  

At first,
these two seem to be opposites,
but through practice you realize
witnessing and surrender
are one & the same.  

When you reach this point
life will become very blissful.  

both aspects are transcended
into a state of perfect stillness
where only pure formless consciousness remains.  

This is the beginning of Samadhi,
where the personal 'I has vanished
and meditation happens effortlessly.    



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