Burleigh Heads Esplanade  27-9-2007


Yes, I am on a quest of sorts – I am searching for a connection to my soul, right here, right now.

Admittedly, I have an ulterior motive – quite a strong one at that: I am trying to edit some karma out of my energy field by altering its properties.

This, from me, who a year ago thought about my soul as often as the molecular composition of my body, which was never.


What has since happened is the weirdest thing. As luck would have it or, should I say, as karma would have it, some thirteen months ago, totally inexplicably, I happened to connect with a woman, Moriya, who turned out to be a spiritual healer.

It soon became clear that this woman felt that her karmic mission in this lifetime was to guide whoever happened to be drawn to her approach to spirituality.


Putting faith in the old saying we find The Teacher we need once we are ready to learn, I assumed I had already found my spiritual teacher a few years prior in the form of the founder of a healing center whose hands-on approach to PsychoBioEnergy Psychotherapy made more sense to me than not.

Though each workshop cost $500 to $700 a weekend, a considerable drain of my savings, I felt privileged to attend all in the program over a two-year period.


If it is true that enlightenment comes at a price, when scanning the advertising section in any of the top selling spiritual magazines, one would be excused for thinking that the  *price* in question has to be of a financial nature. It therefore stands to reason that the proverbial single mother of two is not likely to get much enlightenment in this lifetime. And this is perhaps her karma.


Though real wisdom cannot be bought, placebo can be. And a point worth considering is that, in matters of spirituality, we do not truly learn anything new. We merely remember what we already know from anterior lives. 

 The more the channel to our inner self is open, the easier it is to retrieve this memory. Any *new* insight comes not from our ability to learn and absorb, but is accessed from our soul. The events that trigger a search for spiritual enlightenment are merely the catalyst that gets us moving.


Moriya’s spirituality is such that anyone who knows her initially thinks that this woman should live the protected life of a Rinpoche, a *diamond* in Tibetan terms, or at least that of a spiritual leader in a holy ashram somewhere in remote Galilee where the hills and the forests meet the sea.