"The key to instant freedom
is observation.
Observing your inward experience
in this moment
without any control or resistance.
Problem is
you carry all of your memories
into this moment.
You carry all of your memories
everywhere because
it is how you define yourself.

You believe you exist
out of everything
that happened before now.
This is the mind.
It is simply linking all thoughts together
to create one identification.
So really, the way you live
is that you are living everything at once.
You are living childhood, teenage years,
what happened 10 seconds ago
& 10 years ago.
And so when I say observe this moment,
all of it because of this common
link of identification is attempting
to observe this moment.
But how can what happened
10 years ago
or even 10 seconds ago 
observe this moment?
How can this you,
based on memory, based on time
be present?

It is not possible.
So rather than live
in this linear idea of time
in meditation,
let go of the past
and observe this moment
fresh and new.
A thought or experience arises
and you let it go.
It is not that you
hold on to this present moment
because you can't.
It is that you let go of
everything else
and experience what is left.
By letting go of the past,
automatically what is left is here.
Not a linear here that was here
a second or a minute ago,
but a completely different reality.
In this reality outside of mind,
thoughts are not linear,
they are impersonal,
nonsensical & independent,
arising and burning away in awareness.
You are free from all personal identity,
yet you fully experience what arises
and then it is gone,
burned away in blissful awareness.
In this state of freedom,
there is nothing else to do.

You are fully content & blissful.
There are no problems,
no past and future,
no fears or desires.
In dreamless sleep,
there are no worries
and you are drunk
as every cell of your existence is nurtured
in deep rest
and unconditional peace.
This state of timeless observation
is quite similar,
except you are fully conscious,
you are fully here and alive
yet free of all individual, separate identity.
You are free
in a state of pure conscious
unconditional peace.
Beyond the self,
as limitless awareness.
And this happens
simply in observation
of your inward experience.
You observe anything
and you are free of it,
simply by the nature of observation.

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