"You can
through practice
relax into a state of no-thought.
It is not that you repress thoughts,
but through focused awareness
you detach yourself from thinking,
you take away the power and identification
behind the thoughts,
you let go of the thoughts as they arise,
and then eventually
surrender into no-thought.
There will be great fear around this,
because once all thought ceases,
you as you know yourself to be,
as the controller and the doer
ceases to exist.
So there is worry around this:
'What about all of my problems?'
'What about all of my responsibilities?'
'What will happen to me?'
Thinking is the ego's mode of survival.
So to the ego, allowing thoughts to stop
is like allowing the whole world to crumble.
So it takes practice.
To dip in and out.
For a few moments
the ego disappeared
and everything is still okay.
There is no thought
yet you are still there
to witness it.
All of your problems are gone
in no thought,
but you can have them all back
if you want them.
Every night for a few minutes
you enter into a state of dreamless sleep
where there is no thought.
And you gladly do.
You would go crazy if you didn't.
So what does that say
about your thinking?
We are stepping into a whole
new world here
but if you look at the facts,
it is something worth exploring.

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