Q 1. All the healing therapies of the world could not help me ... Aren?t they just a cosmetic feel good ??
Q2. If healing is any effective, why can?t it take away my leg-pain ? RIGHT NOW ? ??

A : a balm does not heal the wound ? it aids, it soothes, and facilitates our normal going on with life. It protects our skin from further damage, keeps it supple and prepares it for rejuvenation ? and so do all healing modalities to our INSIDE ? our prana is like an invisible, nourishing, protecting sheath, given to us by Nature. It gets ruffled with all the ups and downs of life. Healing is the loving touch of the ?self? that brings it back to its natural state and allows us to ?be? with all that ?is? , and helps the ?self? to heal us faster ? when healing does not work, it only means that the mind-intellect-ego is not relaxing enough ? contemplation, introspection, gratitude and prayers heal the mind ? if healing does not seem to work on the physical level ? if even prolonged healing seems ineffective, it indicates that we need to probe within, there is surely something hiding INSIDE , that our ?self? wants us to see.

The pain not subsiding in such a condition is also a blessing ? it gives us an opportunity to look deeper into the real cause ? stay away from the devil within which thrives on skepticism ? don?t look for miracles all the time, don?t search for miracle masters all the time ? one may take the help of healers for some time, but eventually learning how to heal oneself is desirous for a healthy, happy and flowing life ? take on to natural healing modalities ? they are Nature?s way of loving the ?self ? ? learning to heal makes one optimistic, loving, caring, and above all, a blossomed being ? www.kirtihermitage.com