Paying attention to, and developing Intuition, is the primary stage of Intuitive living. The later stages of Intuitive living transcend reason completely and make the practitioner ONE with the divine intelligence. On the path to Intuitive living, there are several blocks that be dissolved with the sheer will, to experience this flow of divine wisdom at all times ?

Intuition is a flash and an illumination, it bestows full transcendental wisdom. It is a criterion of truth. It ought not to be mistaken for the faculty of reasoning that we have. An immediate intuitive experience vanishes the moment we are overwhelmed with by reasoning or when we make the sense perception as the only test of truth. Intuition is infallible; intellect guesses, believes, desires ? Intuition flashes; while intellect struggles with glimmerings of knowledge ? Intuition in time becomes eternity; there are distinctions of past present and future in Intellect ? Intuition in space becomes infinity; intellect is bound to dimensions of length breath and height ? Reason conceptually constructs knowledge; intuition apprehends in immediacy the essence of things ? Reason studies the superficies of the objects of knowledge; intuition experiences the very heart and truth of things ? Reason reasons about things; intuition grasps and experiences the very life of things ?

The foundation of Rational knowledge is brittle, the conclusions of reasoning can never be uniform; hence reason has no sure basis; despite all its strength, it cannot upset the conclusions of dynamic spiritual teachings which are founded on the infallible and authoritive wisdom of transcendental experiences. ...................... The mortal, finite, limited senses and the intellect cannot comprehend the Reality which is immortal and all-pervading. A sage in his flight of intuition ascends to that supramental region where he experiences the Absolute, and this super-conscious experience is, in its nature, very vivid, vital and vibrant. It is intensely real to the one who experiences? .................... What is reality and what is unreality, which of the intuitive flashes should one believe in and which considered unreal; these are the first blocks that the intellect creates. An intuition in itself, is divine guesswork to the logical mind. The logical mind knows how to frame things in limited dimensions , it comprehends with the data it already has within the memory . Intuition on the other hand taps into the higher realm to grasp and understand that which is RIGHT for THAT moment. It sometimes falls in the ? wrong guesswork ? as says the logical mind

 I wish to share a beautiful experience with you : Although I discourage participating in debates, or to argue the validity of intuition with those who are critical about the existence of this divine ability, an experience like this sometimes just comes over oneself unguarded :) Out of the four names of men, given to me at one time, by a critic to ?guess? which of them was dead, I was ridiculed when I pointed that one name which was of a man who was alive. I was also told immediately that all the four men were very much alive. Quiet a shame in a gathering it can be when someone gets an opportunity to laugh at such abilities. As a matter of surprise to those who informed me later ( I was not surprised), the man whose name was pointed as dead then, actually died in the coming 6 months.

 The example is cited to draw the attention to the fact that those who wish to flow and bask in the light of Intuition, be prepared, to be ridiculed, laughed at and even put down from your present stature of having a pure intent at all times. Mistakes which are, are apparent, and HAVE a deeper cosmic sense, we may understand or not understand at that time. Failures on the path to intuitive living, are apparently on the present time-line, they are NOT failures in the limitless realm. The reins of the Ego be held tight especially when there is praise, and our intuitive experiences are praised to the sky; a smile be worn when they APPEAR wrong. Those who wish to suspend themselves on this living, be prepared to let the cosmos oscillate you from one end to the other , before it settles you down in a thin but sure flow of the divine intelligence. ............................. the mistakes thereafter are ?his? and the praises thereafter , are all ?his? . The intuitive then becomes a pendulum himself, in the hands of the divine; he oscillates as the higher forces wish to, at THAT time, to indicate what is needed in that time line and situation. He remains unaffected being extolled or by being deprecated ? Intuitive living is surrendered living ?