If there is a hell, this must be it. People who don’t believe in God (& some who do) always say if God is so loving then why is there so much suffering here? Well, this is a place of learning and correction. And this place is not the end all of our existence. It is just the starting point. We evolve as spirit while we are here in flesh.
This existence feels real – pain, disease, suffering all do affect us because we are programmed to only know the world of the 5 senses. To those trapped completely in the physical world “this is all there is”. I know this sounds uncaring to those who are going through devastation such as the tragedy in Haiti. But what I want you to understand more than anything else is that once your perspective changes, you then live your life in a different way choosing love over fear. In so doing you then live for others instead of yourself. This is the highest calling and where you find your compassion. Reaching out to help those in need – Not with bible in hand but with heart in hand. Once you learn the way of love, you help others not because you want to change them but only because it is the right thing to do.
This quote from Albert Einstein says it best “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”
I spent my whole life up to now being scared by fear. One day after much self-contemplation, I decided I would rather be nurtured by love instead.
The choice is very simple. But the road to get to the point at which you choose love is very hard indeed.
From the day we come into the world to the day we leave it we have so many choices to make. So many decisions. And the choices we make day by day play a big role in determining the path our lives take from that point forward.
I propose there are only 2 choices to make in any given situation.
Life can be broken down into this equation:
No ego or sense of Separation + 1st Doing no harm & Giving selflessly & Making Sacrifices for others + Accepting all people and things with Tolerance & Patience + Forgiving all people & things
Divided by /
The I between s & n, sense of self in service to the Ego + Greed and Selfishness with no regard for the damage done by Taking for your own Pleasure and Comfort at the Expense of others + Thinking you have the only way, not Tolerating or Accepting others Beliefs and Way of life + Being Vengeful & Judgmental = FEAR
You can choose either way in any given situation. Whether it is an internal conflict or one that is external on an individual or societal level.
The easiest way is to choose love first. But even though fear can divide love it can never conquer it. Fear can be broken by following the formula of love. Life is really that simple.

Light of Atlantis