If you are alive right now in these times, then it means you have great potential. Right now we need elevated consciousness more than ever. We cannot go it alone. With bombs being thrown all over around, it is a time like no other to awaken from slumber.

As we have now moved past the 11-11-11 elevation, which was a grand culmination of energies, new gradations and shifting transitions transmute and filter through to this dimension as passing waves, bringing forth ever increasing potential and ever-expanding unification and unifying of energies.

The mission goes on. We must continue.

Right now, we need to increase our vessel's capacity to hold more light. This would involve filtering, meditation, proper nourishment, and steering clear of hurdles sent out by fallen angels to trip you up.

Wealth and abundance will be metered out measure for measure. It is often intended for those who come from well-to-do families who are born with a "silver spoon in their mouths" - let me remind you that there are no accidents - God knows what He is doing. A person is brought into a particular family to allow potential for soul elevation and divine acts of service and kindness. This works in a way often called 'karma.' The concept may be expounded as so - we get the good deeds and elevation of those who have passed on, those who pray for us, and our ancestors within us. This is passed on inter-generationally. God is also hand-picking people, and playing the dance like a conductor conducts his orchestra. The symphony is what you see around you.

Right now is a grand casting and we need everyone to be in their place (like for a big movie) before the final earth changes can actualize.

The team of master teachers and master teachers in training, are being sent to put in place and hold the space for others - as the final healing vibrations are sent through - into 2013. That's the end of the chapter, and the beginning of a new chapter, a new cycle for this planet.

We are almost at an end of this cycle, a crescendo. 2012 has multiple crucial pivot points. The energy is INTENSE!

Things are almost at a head - we are almost at an end. The transition is set into place reaching its peak at 21 December 2012. Please hang in there and continue to practice and believe, otherwise you may fall and miss the boat. There is much work to be done to do with bringing soul elevation (salvation).

Pay attention to all tests, there are many illusions around falling, and still many tests. There are helping spirits guiding us to overcome these tests. Yet, they are not alone. It is also up to us to take a stand, take action, cleanse. They will continue to send knowledge, wisdom and support.