Is negativity a cloud that hangs over you? Are you fearful about what is going on in the world now? Do you feel that no matter what you do, in the end you feel empty inside? Do you feel like there is something missing in your life, a desire that never gets fulfilled? More money, drugs, sex, power, religion, food, tv, movies, addictive behaviors, negative emotions, houses, marriage, kids, pets, toys, fun, career and on and on and on since time began.

Everything in the physical world has its place & purpose & if you are satisfied to be living in the world this way and If you don’t believe that we are all connected to each other and everything in the universe then read no further.

But if you are chasing after anything material you are in spiritual bondage. No matter what you try to do, good or bad nothing will ever work to quench this desire but the light and love of The Creator.

You must look inside yourself. There is no other way. Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is within you.

Through much hard work I have overcome self-deception and living in fear as part of this worldly deception my entire life to now having accepted myself (with all my imperfections) and my place in the Universe (with all it's imperfections)

I have learned from overcoming addictions & constantly trying to fill my desire for love & God with many of the material things mentioned above that it is all a matter of perception & living in the moment. Focusing on where you are and what you are doing right now.

There is no need to live in fear. All you have to do is let go of the illusion of “separateness”. Most religions offer the dogmatic and blind following of belief systems rooted in man’s teachings as opposed to going within oneself through meditation and self realization.

Unfortunately we try to explain the unexplainable and all religious, spiritual & scientific books fall short. Whether it is the Torah or the New Testament, the Koran or any other so-called holy book or anything that is a construct of the mind, it will always fall short just as we do when we live in the world of the 5 senses.

Any time one tries to explain what cannot be explained the message will be distorted and lost. Which leads to confusion and there are those in power who take advantage of this and use the teachings of the worlds peacemakers to further their own agenda of manipulation and control.

Jesus did not come to start another religion. He came as an example; to show us how we can all live in harmony, that we are all part of the same thing. That we all come from the same source. That there is so much more to life than what we perceive with the 5 senses.

He overcame the physical world, the sense of self and ego, the root of all evil. (Of course when you get past the duality of physical existence there is no good or bad, there only is)

As you let go of the ego, you will find that you are drawn into service to others. Jesus was a prime example of this. The real definition of Love- Sacrifice, Unconditional Acceptance and Forgiveness- are actions- not words or feelings.

People and societies tend to look outward to solve their problems. For example “when I get that job, my life will be better” or “When she falls in love with me I will be happy” or “They don’t understand our way of life, we can make them accept it”.

This is a major problem in achieving peace, happiness, success and abundance on a personal level as well as on a societal and global level. We need to change the way we approach difficulties in life and realize that we must focus our attention internally and make the changes from within for ourselves and our societies.

Jesus was opposed to the churches and governments of his day. He was opposed to hierarchy of any kind and taught that we must live in harmony with nature. Violence is not, nor has ever been the answer. The revolution takes place inside you through evolution of Spirit, thought and action. As Jesus taught, change can only happen from the inside of ourselves & our institutions through the actions of love.

We must understand that life is a give and take. You know you must work (or marry someone rich! lol) to survive. If not you will end up homeless and hungry. Just like if you live in nature, you must hunt, gather to eat and build a shelter to live in. You must also behave in accordance with rules set forth by the society that you live in. If you don’t you will have unpleasant things happen to you like bill collectors coming after you or going to jail. Saying this doesn’t mean we agree with the way most societies operate. But you must work within the system that you have.

Just like if you try to fly off a 30 story building the law of gravity will bring you back to earth, and very quickly.

So too there are laws that govern the way the universe operates. And according to the law of give and take or Karma, there are consequences to our thoughts and actions. The law of cause and effect. Or as the bible states “as ye sow, so shall ye reap”.

If you want to change the system, change yourself! Strive to be the perfect human that Jesus taught us to be and eventually you will get there. On the way your love will spread naturally to those around you. Don’t try to change anybody else except yourself.

This is the way of the mystic as well as the way most tribal societies live, the way many of our sages taught us to understand the divine. This is what science is now beginning to tell us. That we are all united by a common thread. Not just human beings but all living things, indeed all things in the universe. The difference between the scientific method and the mystic way is that we must use the part of our brain that lies dormant.

We must observe ourselves not as science observes the universe but as we did as babies. Not with our 5 senses but through just being and living in the moment. Unfortunately we cling to tradition and out-dated methods. When one grounds oneself in religion or politics or any other worldly system (going outward as opposed to going inward) one has a need to defend one’s beliefs and anything that undermines this mistaken belief in a worldly system as opposed to the true divine nature of existence will be rejected.

There is a book that was written by the creator but it cannot be read with our eyes, nor understood with thoughts, it can only be experienced, by just doing as our cells respond to the DNA code that is written within them.

It tells them what to do to thrive, so to can you follow your inner voice so you can thrive in your life. When one of your cells rebels against the organism known as your body, the end result is cancer. We have a cancer in the body of humanity. One of the symptoms of this cancer is rebellion & violence. The root cause is our inability to realize and act on our true nature which is love. We act like spoiled children who lash out when we don’t get our way. The way to overcome this cancer is through love. Love can rewrite DNA.

There is truth anywhere you care to look for it. One of the creeds of the Muslim religion says “first do no harm”. But we must do more. We are all in this thing called life together whether we accept that fact or not.

If you desire to fulfill your life’s purpose no man can take you there. You must travel within yourself. No one will change you. You must change yourself. No one has the answers. They reside in your inner being. Once you get to know your true inner spirit, where you go from there is up to you.

There is no reason you cannot have anything you want in life no matter what is going on around you - peace, wealth & abundance, happiness, love & success in your personal & business relationships – whatever you desire.

No matter what your circumstances are now, your life can change if you put a little effort into it. Remember the story of Job? All you need is a little faith, hope & humility...

Light of Atlantis