Have you ever caught yourself looking for something to be mad at? Or disappointed in? Or unhappy with? Have you ever woke up happy, but then immediately, you went into your head? The rest of the day was spent trying to get out of your head? Have you ever caught these moments? These moments are the most crucial, tiniest moments where you allow yourself to get swept away by your mind, and if you have programmed yourself to be unhappy, sad, lonely, worrisome or angry-you will look to get your 'fix'. Everyday, a new thing to be unhappy about. Because imagine if you did not have these things to be bothered about? Life would be perfect. Happy. Easy. Flow. Relaxing and get it all done. But, that would be too good for you right? You cant have it too good, you never saw anyone else around you have that...why should you? It's not reality, right? Well, your reality is whatever reality you want. You are trying to control your environment all the time anyway, aren't you? So, why can't you control your mind instead and create a life that is more 'you'. And the more 'you' is peaceful and happy isn't it? Catch yourself in these moments. Catch yourself going from happy and content and then you 'start' to look for something that is not what you like, what you want, or how it 'should be'...something to upset about. Catch yourself robbing yourself from joy. Causing others something to deal with in you, instead of creating an environment of joy. Is it really worth getting upset over? Isn't it more fruitful to be happy and content and find your excitement and thrill in being curious and in awe? Instead of getting your 'fix' in your usual judgement and upsets? Now, you don't have to ever be upset again...unless you want to because you like it. : )