We arrive here in this world from where we dont know. We have thoughts of where possibly but beliefs are not Knowledge. ....so the Questions may start with: Where did we come from? The next Question might be: Why are we here? (in this Mystery?) I mean we dont get born with instructions of any type, no clues, just a blank silence. Then I asked myself: What am I to do while here in this world? Finally: Where do we go to after our ceasing life in this dimension and form?? It is a glaring light that focuses on the fact that most people never give it much thought. It seems we are mostly in some kind of denial or trance that doesnt allow for most to even ask these Questions, let alone try and answer them. As for me it has been an under-current of my entire life, asking these to myself. Always ending in a sort of silence, which is no answers. Is the clue to these Questions hidden in the absence of answers? Am I to deduce the message of an answer by the silence and no response? I dont know.....thats the one thing I do know. It is that I dont know really anything. The more I learn, the more I realise more my great ignorance. It is then when realization sets in that I am more ignorant than I thought.... Just a Thought