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Parameters of Possibilities
Matthew Douglas
Matthew Douglas realized he was a natural channel for Rainbow Walker in 2003 and has been channeling them ever since. Rainbow Walker is a collective of spiritual guides who call themselves Rainbow Walker. Rainbow Walker includes Yogi, Joy, Zac, and Seth. He is passionate about spreading their inspirational work and enjoys helping other people find their true path by looking within. Discover more at http://www.RainbowWalkerBooks.com 
By Matthew Douglas
Published on 08/22/2014
The time upon which you find yourself is a time to erase the parameters of possibilities (societal rules, beliefs, and limitations). These are drawn throughout your life and continue to be reinforced. Who draws them and why? The parameters (lines) are drawn using ‘pencils of possibilities’. The pencils can be reporters, politicians, teachers, physicians, parents, or anyone else of authority or influence. A few examples of these parameters of possibilities are that ‘you are not good enough’, ‘if you don’t go to college you will never amount to anything’ or ‘just get a job to get by, your dreams can wait”.

Parameters of Possibility