Offensive Living vs. Defensive Living Are you learning out of love or are you reacting to life’s situations out of fear? Defensive living is all in the reacting out of fear to everything that happens in your life on a daily basis; all that comes to you and the differences between the people that you interact with on a daily basis. On a bigger scale, you cannot control all that comes at you and the situations that occur in your life, but it is the reacting out of fear to what comes next that inserts fear into your life and into the situations that do come next. Offensive living is still reacting to the situations, but instead of reacting out of fear, you are reacting out of love and learning. The difference is that you go with the flow in the situations onto the next situations. Go with the flow out of love and out of learning, so that when the situations occur, you do not react out of fear of ‘what am I going to do’ or ‘what is going to happen next,’ instead react out of love and learning to ‘what is happening now.’ Take what happens in your life and learn from it. It is happening in your life out of love so that you may learn. Go with the flow with every situation that happens in life because it takes you to where you are needed or where you want to go. This is the beauty of going with the flow of life. This is the beauty of living out of love and learning. You are growing as the situations occur instead of running away from them out of fear. You are growing in your life instead of running away from living. Your life becomes that much greater if you react to what happens in life out of love, not out of fear. Let go of the fear that inserts itself in those situations so that you are free to realize the lessons that present themselves in every situation in life. Whether it is a lesson on growing from the inside or it is a lesson on seeing the outside from a different perspective, it is still a lesson for you. Let the love that you find within, dictate to you how you react to the situations that come from the outside. Let the love permeate out of you and allow you to see the situations that happen in a different way; seeing them out of love, learning from them and just going with it, flowing to the next situation, onto the next and the next. You learn the lessons from that situation, realizing that there is love in the world and it comes from within. You put this love in the world. You radiate the love in the world, from within. Before you travel through the situations out of fear, look within to find the love that you can ultimately use to view life from. View life through the lens of love and not fear so that you may, in the end, look back on your life that you lived and realized that you were not running from life out of fear, but you were living life out of love. What is the truth of how you are living your life? What is the truth of how you are reacting to the situations that occur in your life? Are you learning out of love or are you reacting out of fear? We tell you the truth out of love. We encourage you to let go of the fear that inhibits you from living your life freely and going with the flow of life, and with the flow of love. Your life can be greater than what it is reduced to when you react out of fear. Your life can be greater and more fulfilled when you allow the love to flow and you learn from every situation that life presents you. Ultimately, you are the student and you are the teacher. Learn from life and also teach that which you learn. We love you. You are loved. Now live it and spread that love to others. You are loved, you are light, you are the power beyond and it is found within. We are Rainbow Walker. Thank you. Author’s Bio: Matthew Douglas realized he was a natural channel for Rainbow Walker in 2003 and has been channeling them ever since. Rainbow Walker is a collective of spiritual guides who call themselves Rainbow Walker. Rainbow Walker includes Yogi, Joy, Zac, and Seth. Matthew is dedicated to sharing their transformative information with the world. He is passionate about spreading their inspirational work and enjoys helping other people find their true path by looking within. Discover more at