Children Development Tip 1: Respect the Uniqueness of Your Child Every child is an incarnated soul with a different growth rate and with a potential that is varied and vast. Respecting the needs of our little ones from a very early age, listening to their unique voices, hearing their wants will assure them that no matter how tiny they are somebody will kneel down to Listen. Respecting the potential that is hidden within each child, we respect its potential to become a King of its Trade, or a Saviour of the World to come. Tip 2 Kids and Nutrition Sugar is Poison The researches repeatedly prove that sugar and the way it is consumed today is a toxin. So, would we give our kids poison when we give them candies? Yes, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hyperactivity and heart diseases are all linked to intake of sugar. Some of the researches link sugar intake to common cancer cells growth. Yogurts, soft drinks, various sweets, all have sugar as their hidden ingredient. Artificial sweeteners are equally toxic. When we give our children fruits, they eat fibre, plenty of nutrients, and the body has much slower absorption of sugar. Salt is not much better. Liking salty foods is a learned taste and it destroys our natural taste pallet that appreciates fruits and veggies. High consumption of crisps, and salty snacks decreases the appetite for ‘real’ food and increases the cravings for sweets. Salty foods will make the experience of any other healthy food: bland. Homemade meals prepared using fresh veggies and integral grains are naturally lower in salt than pre-packed and pre-prepared meals and processed food. Tip 3 TV, Games, Computers and Kids The Games and TV are full of stimuli and the kids brains get formed within this environment. No wonder that they get easily discontent and inpatient in slower paced and less stimulating academic or social environment. This is a great recipe for Hyperactivity Disorder. Gaming and TV addiction with kids is a real issue. The dependence on computer, TV or games creates dysfunctional behaviour, academic, social, and developmental problems. Tip 4 Kids and Punishment Using physical force against our children, against these tiny beings is not necessary. Violence will only lead to further violence, physical abuse to further physical abuse, creating a vicious circle of re-action, building fear and creating unhappy and unhealthy parents and children. Tip 5 Kids and Pressure to Compete In nature every single thing needs time to grow, and every plant or animal is different in its unique way. Practicing conscious parenting you allow your kids to develop without forcing down their throats the magic of competition, expectations. exam fevers. Do not push, press or force them into unnecessary ‘speedy’ growth, unnecessary sufferings and pressures. Let the children’s emotional body develop at its-own paste, let their physical body stay strong and fear-less, let their mental grow inspired and full of wonder. Tip 6 Kids and Freedom Help your children understand why do they have to ‘obey’, sit, stay quiet, clean after themselves, follow the rules. All the rules on our little planet Earth are created for our grown-ups convenience. Rules that we abide by often suffocate our kids’ brains and if we wish them not to suffer, we must help them adjust respecting their wish to rebel. If we observe them at all times, correct them at all times, adjust their behaviour at all times, we will kill their willpower, their identity, and the difference of their souls’ uniqueness will get lost within the ocean of ‘no’s, ‘must’s, ‘have-to’s. Tip 7 Kids and Nature Nature is healing, it is our children’s natural play-ground and learning environment. Exploring and experiencing through free play, children are given a chance to unconsciously learn and emotionally mature through their own games learning through unobstructed observation.