Our mission is to find and spread the truth of life and death, the ultimate truth.  The ultimate truth is the universal truth; it is our common denominator.  The truth is the only thing that can bring us together, so that we can see past the illusion of separation and work together as a global community to create a world that works in harmony with nature.  The truth gives people true security, and with the truth, we can change our minds.  The truth is essential, because we must become the change we want to see in our world.

The truth contest is really not a competition with a winner, just a way to find the best and the next best explanations of the truth about life and death. It will always have the best explanation of the truth on top and the next best no matter who writes it. It is what is said that matters, not who said it that matters.

We cannot think of a better way to find and spread the truth than an Internet truth contest. Everyone can be a judge. Everyone can make an entry or a comment. We are not trying to sell anything, and have no agenda except to find and spread the truth
about life and death. What could be more important? What could be more worthwhile than helping us find and spread the truth?

Let's get serious about the truth.  We need to find out what is the truth for certain.

You are invited to The Truth Contest:
Truth Seekers Unite - The Truth Contest

Read the entries to seek truth, submit an entry to define truth, and spread the truth contest to raise awareness.

With honesty, open minds, an open exchange of ideas, good will and the power of the Internet, we will find and spread the truth about life and death.