“There are the waves and there is the wind, seen and unseen forces. Everyone has these same elements in their lives, the seen and unseen, karma and free will. The question is, ‘how are you going to handle what you have?’”

“Human mistakes and inaccuracies are no less important than divinity…the incredible process of being human allows for the higher self to acknowledge and extract divinity from one’s trials and tribulations.”

Focused upon the power of loving-kindness and the importance of intention and personal beliefs, Kuan Yin speaks with immediacy and ardor.

Compassion for the untruth
Further, Kuan Yin advises that what is needed on earth is “compassion for the untruth”. Touching untruth's shoulder with the utmost compassion, she shows her infinite capacity for love and forgiveness. Stemming the tide of war and destruction can only occur, she maintains, through “sprinkling elements of truth and healing”.

This process requires one be centered, understanding the issues of his or her life from a place of detachment. To examine one’s life from this perspective allows the Higher Self to participate in daily choices and problem solving. While ego is responsible for maintaining the self in day-to-day reality, much of the pressure of decision-making can be mitigated when allowing one’s relationship with the higher self to unfold.

Assess one’s personal dramas from a place of detachment
Divinity is not, according to this Deity, some distant or unattainable ideal. Rather is intimately associated with all that is considered part of a "realistic life". To spiritually assess one’s personal dramas from a place of detachment; to regard them as integral to spiritual growth is an enlightened choice. This personal choice, in itself, has the power to transform the course of one’s life path.

Let The Magic Happen States Kuan Yin:
“Let the magic happen. It’s always there. Abundance and love are always there. Believe in the highest good. There is a higher essence to everything. The realm you’re in has a heaviness that mutes energy. You can penetrate through it, no matter how dark and heavy. Sometimes it has nothing to do with karma. Just don’t forget to keep it open. Don’t get too bogged down, don’t limit the brightness.”

“Reach through the dark energy and grab it. You might see the smoke coming out of the chimney and you’ll even see the smoky sky. You need to reach through the smoke and bring the light to you. Remember the possibilities of something greater then are right here. Be willing to go to the lightness. Don’t feed off what is not right in the world.” Kuan Yin

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