Hello and welcome. You maybe here because like me you are fascinated with the topic of enlightment because you’ve had a spiritual or oneness experience and can no longer seem to focus on any other topic with the same amount of intensity Ever since the first time my mind stopped I had to look for the answers to the following topics. So as I document my own journey along this path I would like to Interview you the reader in hopes of compiling a definitive how to guide to the enlightened state of awareness. What is enlightenment and are there any specific routes one can follow? Are there any specific landmarks on the way? The importance of the old practices, such as yoga and meditation and where do they fit in along the path to enlightment. A description of what you may have glimpsed to be the final goal. What is it that I can do now, in this moment, to awake and maintain the awareness? Please share with me any and all information that you have on these topics. I would like offer you that which i myself have yearned for since the first time my mind stopped; a comradeship along the path, a description of some definitive landmarks along the path, a discussion of shortcuts, both traditional such as Kumba Mela and relatively new such as biofeedback and sound frequency meditations, and the description of what i have glimpsed as the final goal. Most of all i would like this to be invitation to pool of our collective experience of enlightenment with the goal of making the path easier clearer and more direct for all of as and those who will follow. Valera Reznik BLUEELECTRICEAGLE@YAHOO>COM