"There are so many things
we do in order to feel happy.  

Whether you are going to party all night
or promise to make improvements
you do it in hope to be happy.  

But what does this say?

It says you are not happy now.
Or rather, you are not satisfied
with your experience in this moment.  

You do not want to experience
what is here and therefore
there must be something you can do,
you can get in order to avoid this moment.  

And then
it is the looking forward to something
that gives you the fantasy of happiness.  

So in this new year
I do not wish you a happy new year.
I wish you hopelessness.  

I wish that you come to the point
where you realize
that no matter what you may do
to get out of experiencing
what is here in this moment,
what is here in this moment
will still remain.  

That after all of your distractions
are exhausted,
you are still here,
confronted with that which
you have been resisting all along.  

And then in hopelessness,
you will be willing to give up
resisting this moment.  

In complete surrender,
you will allow this moment
to consume you.  

And then all that will be left
is this moment.  

All that will be left
is consciousness.
A state of unconditional peace,
bliss and complete-ness
that will make the happiness
you had been chasing all along
seem meaningless.  

Then this moment
will no longer feel like your enemy.
It will be what you cherish
more than anything.    



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