Each person has a different set of ideas, beliefs, genetics, possible traumas and personal programming. So how can the majority of self-help books claim to be effective for such a wide variety of people? The truth is that they can’t. Using this principle as his premise, Christopher Murphy Ph.D., C.Ht sets out to disprove self-help truisms with his own self-help book, How to STARTLE YOURSELF.

“Here is the chance to find out what each one believes without being instructed from some elevated pulpit, to modify as necessary and apply those conclusions to everyday life, bringing intense joy and clarity to every interaction,” Murphy writes. “The answers lie within but sometimes they need dedicated digging to get them out!”

Written without pretense or overly didactic prose, How to STARTLE YOURSELF examines the precepts of other self-help books for their validity, inviting readers to question them along with providing a series of leading questions, multiple-choice boxes and space for personal comment. Murphy hopes that the resulting clarification from his survey will be both life-changing and energizing for readers, enabling and encouraging them to “immerse [themselves] in the great shift of consciousness which is now happening in our most privileged time.”

Thought-provoking and interactive, How to STARTLE YOURSELF contains a unique process for deconstructing outdated modes of thinking and generating new ones based on readers’ background and beliefs. Ideal for those seeking the answers to larger questions of faith, identity and truth.