Me(conscious-ness)  makes me you and you makes me them and then all. Why so much for the same ? Why is there multiplicity of the same “me” and not just “me” . Life is just the multiple of the same “me”.

Life is just so full of life forms which have  are increasing so exponentially that the very fact an ant crawling and zillions inside the ant hole is just another increase. Multiplicity from the womb of me has always been there . From a microbe to an ant , a bird and then animals, to the trees and various creatures in the sea is never ending. Humans is just another evolved form.The evolution is endless. But what now the supreme being is achieved now what?

What after homo sapien’s is there any creature more evolved? Well the next evolved species would be gods.what are gods ,nothing but the transformation from humans to NOTHING-NESS. How can the this be happening ,by simply unlearning of the distributed liquid (REFERENCED MIND) through the membrane (sieve) of intelligence . The liquid has been exposed to soo many impurities that now the reverse(osmosis) process will be by pouring through intelligence and the litting (heating) up of spark (self) that is there always and will make this liquid  pure crystal and crystal is solid so now no impurities can seep through the crystal its firmness and brightest light(third eye) is attained now light can pass through the crystal and the darkness(ignorance) dawns forever.

The “me” can never be separated but just be divided. Life is not division but unison. It’s just me and when there is just me there is no them and then all so there is nothing.

”Well if is this is en-light-en-ment so it shall be done."