"You often hear
about meditation
being something to do
with a set of beliefs
or traditions.

As though
you have to believe
in a higher power
or something of that nature
in order to meditate.  

And nothing could be farther
from the truth.  

is the honest investigation
into what is here in this moment.  

And if you look inwardly
into this moment,
you see the heart beating,
the breath moving in and out,
thoughts happening.  

And if you keep looking
you get to something
that you cannot define.  

You experience something
that is greater than words
more subtle than understanding,
more vast than space.  

You come to a point
in this moment
where all beliefs
fly out the window  

and what is left
cannot be talked about.  

You can talk around it
but the words never really
touch the truth.  

By being silent
the truth makes itself known.    



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