While attending a local expo featuring “new age” products, I found myself in a reminiscing conversation…a “back in my day” rendition, while marveling at the incredible changes achieved by this alternative approach to life. Here we were, surrounded by multitudes of companies offering environmentally sustainable and life supporting products.

It was remarkable really, rooms filled with new foods, drinks, herbal remedies, practitioners and philosophies. As I scanned the heads bobbing in this sea of people, I had this vision of a huge wave of a bright, GREEN, collective consciousness blanketing the room.

I was overwhelmed with a new awareness that washed over me. There is a new paradigm upon us, but it is much more than new products, practitioners, and philosophies. What we are witnessing is more than new thought -- it is an incredible wave of Self Love, a product of the collective consciousness of healing hearts. We are in fact, loving ourselves more. Our hearts and our spirits, have moved dramatically into the next phase of our evolutionary design.

While we are learning to love ourselves more by choosing products that are more loving, I suggest instead, that because we have come to a more loving place within, we are creating more of these loving products. These products are not only creating a more sustainable earth, they are the product of a more sustainable human being!

To be sustainable requires that we make choices based on feeling. These choices then, are supportive of the messages being received from Spirit. The spirit knows and seeks only love. When we answer its call, we create a partnering relationship that is in complete harmony with the pure love of the Divine. In this state of grace, we are completely sustainable, in full partnership with the universe, equally giving and receiving. We are happy, healthy and whole.

A popular, current theory is that we create our reality as a reflection of our thoughts and feelings. If we embrace that theory, this wave of GREEN that is sweeping the earth, is simply the manifestation of a shift of heart that has already taken place. Like the earthly Tsunami, this wave is indicative of a dramatic shift that has taken place within the infrastructure of our being. This aftermath phenomenon is so powerful, that its echoing message reverberates through everything and everyone in its path. This Tsunami of Love is one of the many successive events that are a natural response to the great shift of heart consciousness. Is it any coincidence that this movement is characterized as GREEN, and that the heart chakra also vibrates to the frequency of the color green?

As I re-cap my travels around Long Island and NYC in just the past month alone, I realize that I have witnessed this Tsunami of Love flooding every aspect of life. Our homes, cars, food, restaurants, clothing -- even our medical care, are responding to this enormous shift towards self-love. What was once considered alternative, is now embraced as mainstream.

Never before in the history of mankind has self-love become so evident, nor has it been easier to exercise and access. Everything from politics to parenting, to medicine, has shifted to accommodate this wave of love. More than ever before, people are extending their hands to one another and this can only happen when hearts are open to giving and receiving. Our children are taught at the earliest age possible to recycle and become responsible citizens of this beautiful planet. We are witnessing a “coming of age” consciousness that is flooding nearly every demographic. Even the media has jumped on this wave and are riding it high. Clearly, love is all around, radiating from the very core of our being. This great shift is allowing our natural essence of love to be released, manifesting in our creations.

As we focus on how we want to live, breathe, eat, play and love, we access our power to consciously create. Everything else is washed out to sea, recycled, and we are left with all that we are meant to be -- harmonious and sustainable.

So, I ask you………Have you caught the wave? Surf’s up!!