Wouldn't you feel amazing if you knew that you had divine help anytime, anywhere, with anything, no matter how trivial?

Most of us can't believe that we're important enough to warrant divine attention.After all, there are plenty of bigger problems in the world than ours.The hosts of heaven have their hands full with war, starvation, environmental destruction, and so forth.

But Doreen Virtue, a fourth generation metaphysician known as the "Angel Lady," explains that this belief is, quite simply, false.

Doreen Virtue is the author of over a dozen books on angels and the founder of "Angel Therapy" (www.angeltherapy.com), a spiritual healing method that invites the assistance of the archangels and guardian angels to effect powerful change in people's lives.

Doreen assures us that the angels have all the time in the world for us – for every one of our problems, no matter how minor – because space and time are only limitations in our world, not theirs.

A Day with the Angel Lady

Until attending one of Doreen's workshops, I was an angel skeptic. Believing in angels felt too much like believing in fairies or leprechauns.I found it hard to separate the idea of angels from the Christian mythology surrounding them.

However, in October 2009, I found myself in a conference hall in London, surrounded by a sea of women.As we waited for Doreen to make her appearance on stage, I looked around me.Who were these angel lovers, who'd pay over US$100 just to spend a day with Doreen Virtue?

The audience was mostly made up of women wearing happy smiles and vibrant outfits in bright purple and yellow and royal blue. Many looked middle-class and middle-aged, the sort of women whom you'd guess owned cats and hung silver fairy trinkets in their windowsills. They radiated a content glow, chatting happily to the strangers sitting in the seats around them. Who needs icebreakers when you have angels in common?

When Doreen Virtue appeared on stage, I felt like I knew her, or at least other women like her. She had that peaceful glow of spirituality, as at home on stage as she would be in a supermarket. Her choice of outfit was a long, flowing gown in faded colors and a pale sparkly shawl. Her long blond hair looked tired, and she wore little makeup. But she was an angel lady: her appearance was the least of her concerns.

She welcomed us by pulling a card from her angel deck. The message could have been predetermined: "You're on the right path."

Understanding Angels

Over the next few hours, she explained to us who the angels were and how to work with them.

To understand the angels, you must understand that the form that we associate with them – a human in white robes with wings – is not their true form. Angels can choose to appear to us in human form if they wish, but in reality they are beings of pure love and light.

So, if you're waiting for an angel to appear in your living room and speak to you in plain English, you may be waiting a very long time!

Angels don't normally communicate that way.

Angels tend to communicate with us indirectly, through thoughts and ideas, sensations, and other people.You often don't know that an angel has communicated with you; all you know is that the perfect answer has suddenly occurred to you.

But, like static on a phone line, there are times when your emotional state makes it difficult for an angel to get through to you.

You see, angels are messengers of God. God's energy, which is 100% love, vibrates at a very high frequency. Those higher frequencies are easy to hear when you're feeling peaceful but difficult to hear when you're stressed. So, if you want to hear the angels, it's important to practice meditation or other means of achieving a peaceful, receptive state.

Working with the Angels

You can ask the angels for help with anything. Nothing is too small. But the secret to working with the angels is also the hardest to remember:

You have to ask.

Angels cannot help you unless you ask – unless your life is in danger. They're not allowed to.

The angels wish that more people would call on them for assistance, because they're here to help us.But few of us think to ask the angels for help. We tend to rely on human solutions to our problems.

For example, when disaster strikes, most of us let out a curse.We react with fear rather than reach out with love.Next time, when something bad happens to you, why not call out for divine help?All it takes is a word, and the angels will come to your side.

5 Tips to Improve Your Angel Communication

As the morning drew to a close, Doreen left us with five more tips to work with the angels more effectively.

Tip #1:
Ask for what you want.

When you ask for help from the angels, make sure to ask precisely for what you want. Don't ask for the means to get what you want. In other words, don't ask for money to be able to buy a bigger house – ask for the perfect house! Don't pray to win the lottery – pray for a financial windfall!

Tip #2:
Don't ask for what you
DON'T want.

Don't say, "Please, angels, help me not lose my job," or "Please don't let me make a fool of myself on this date." Just like affirmations, your requests for help should always be phrased positively.

Tip #3:
Don't tell the angels
HOW to help you.

You may think that you know exactly what you want to have happen, but the angels don't work that way.They often work in indirect ways, such as through other people.Trust them.

Tip #4:
Always listen to your angels.

Don't make the mistake of thinking you know better. You may get a message or a feeling that you should do something but talk yourself out of it because there's no logical reason behind it. Do it anyway. Your intuition is one of the easiest means for your angels to communicate with you, so listen to your gut instincts and don't let your logical mind override what your gut is telling you.

Tip #5:
Don't worry.

Once you've asked the angels for assistance, stop worrying. Have faith that the angels are working on your behalf to bring about the realization of your dream. Although you may not know how you're going to be able to afford that dream house/European holiday/new business, rest assured that the angels are taking care of those details. Your prayers will be answered in a better, more ingenious, more creative way than you could have ever dreamed. Doubt will only confuse and dilute the power of your intention.

Do You Believe in Angels?

I left the seminar room that day clutching a plastic carry bag fat with three brand-new books by Doreen Virtue, evidence of my resolution to work on angelic communication.

Five months later, I can't say that I have conclusive proof that the angels have helped me in my life, but I can say that everything I've asked them for assistance with has been resolved satisfactorily.

Perhaps calling on the angels serves a simpler purpose: to broadcast your intention to the universe.It's the Law of Attraction in action.When you have faith that something is going to work out okay – even if that faith comes from believing in angels – you are more likely to manifest your desired conclusion.

As for me, I'd rather have the angels' help than rely on my own only-human powers to get what I want out of life.It comforts me to imagine that they're there, just a thought away.

I don't need to see a being with wings and a white robe to believe in angels.I just need to believe that the universe is essentially benevolent, that there are divine powers I can't understand that are helping me in this lifetime.

And you know what?

That feels pretty good.