Come see by yourself. You can touch the Dharma directly. And he said that his Dharma transcends time and does not have to be caught in time. Akalika means free of time. The moment when you begin to apply the Buddha, to apply the teaching of the Buddha in your life, you can see already the result. And you don’t need someone to present the Buddha or to present the Dharma because the Buddha, you can get in touch directly. The Dharma also.

The Dharma does not need to be spoken to be written down. The Dharma can be recognized when someone walk with freedom, with solidity, with joy, when someone sit with peace and compassion, when someone speak with tolerance, with love and kindness, we call it the living Dharma. The living Dharma is available and it can be recognized by all of us. And if the living Dharma is there, you know that the living Buddha is also there because what make a Buddha is the living Dharma. Shakyamuni embodies the living Dharma and his disciples, many of them are capable to continue him, to embody the living Dharma.