Adults are seeking conditional perception of God with many names and logos and the scriptures of God and become worn without any conclusion. There is little research for his selfishness and learn the art of restoring his selfishness in his inner self, unconditionally and feel to reach the destination.

. Some people do not perceive and believe in a God or supernatural being. They reject anything that transcends the world of appearances. They feel that there is no God or supernatural power that can be tested with the senses. They feel there is nothing beyond the apparent world and often rejects all others who see things differently. They have no faith in something that is beyond their control. Nonbeliever depends entirely on his selfishness and has no connection with his inner self.

Some people perceive to consider that there is a God or supernatural being who has the physical appearance and he is alive and he is somewhere far in the physical world and is beyond the reach of their senses.
They also reject everything beyond the world of appearances. They feel that there is no God or supernatural power that exists beyond the world of appearances.

They continue to prey supernatural faith and speak with clasped hands or see in the sky or in the direction they believe the supernatural exists. They live with God, perception, accept the defeat of his collection before his selfishness, but fail to achieve the intimacy of his inner being, beyond the perception in the minds and the name or logo of God of faith. They continue to perform various types of rituals and seek guidance from spiritual leaders of the sacred and spiritual faith.

Some people perceive to consider that there is a God or supernatural being who did not look natural and is a supernatural power and is somewhere in the inner chamber of the heart, and it is beyond the reach of their service. They become able to identify with his inner being, but still fail to give up his selfishness. They continue to feel it through meditation and see God in his being human. They continue to fear God and do well with morale.

All believers in God, seeing God is one. However, the perception of God's name, logo and technology differ according to the faith. "Christian" sees and believes in Jesus Christ (God). "Hindu" sees and believes in RAM (as God). "Muslim" perceives and believes in Allah (God). Many people believe that God is by faith and continue the search terms with many rituals, sacred texts of faith for ages and is spent before any conclusion. The ritual and faith of the Scriptures continue to change perceptions, but selfishness remains the same.

Few are willing to establish relations with his inner being and realize his selfishness. They become familiar path to the true God is one for all, believers and non believers of God. They become conscious of the shelter many perceptions of God.

Some blessed learn to enter the deeper layers of consciousness beyond the selfishness and his wisdom and memory of thought. They have a sense of unity of God is unique to all beings and is omnipresent, omnipotent and devoid of any attachment to anyone and is very legal, conscious eternal and donors. He is the creator and loving care to all.

They feel self-realization of its merger with the inner consciousness that is one for all. They feel everything is seen through the eyes are trained to traffic and transient and not real. Everything that is born of meditation is motionless, eternal and real. They live in an unconditional relationship with the real God or supernatural being that is one for all.