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Interview with the author of the book
Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova
In 1998 a book trilogy entitled "Eternal Laws" by Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova became the bestselling book in esoteric and spiritual literature in Slovakia. Her name significantly affected the public opinion of the population, especially because it revealed what had previously been inaccessible or deliberately concealed. The author's mission was to bring to light the source associated with the events and changes which had already affected us and which are still ahead of us. 
By Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova
Published on 05/12/2010
Mankind stands at the most important crossroads in its history, when a new, better and nicer world is about to be born. However, the new world cannot be established on the soil of the old world, as it will be very different from it. People do not develop in the way that they should, that's why everything that is incorrigible and untrue will collapse to open the path to a new life.

Interview with the author of the book

Will you reveal to the readers why you decided to write a book about eternal laws?

I’m glad you have raised that question. I want the readers to know from the beginning that I’m not the author of the wisdom which they will gradually learn in the book. I would never decide on my own to write such a book. I would find it presumptuous.


And yet you have done so. What or who gave you the impulse to do so?

If I were to reveal to the readers how I was told about this mission of mine no one would believe me. Materialists because they do not have enough information on spiritual actions, and supporters of various religious teachings because of their fear of being accidently misled from their path.


So we won’t get to know who urged you to write the book?

Attentive and perceptive readers will learn it directly when reading while discovering the original source.  


If there is already a source of information, why have you decided to write another version of it?

The original book, written by a German author, was only intended for spiritually mature individuals who are seriously seeking the truth about life and its purpose.  For common people, who are fully preoccupied with earthly worries, it’s as if it is sealed. They cannot grasp it as it requires concentration and a lot of time.  

As we approach not only the period of fulfilment of long standing promises, but also the period of cessation of everything wrong, my mission is to bring the source to light which is connected with the concretization of such changes.  


Wouldn’t it be enough to just point out the original source?

No, the original source has already been freely available for years; it has simply remained unknown and misunderstood.  My job is to communicate it in a new, simplified form, aiming to invoke the reader’s interest in complementing the basic, simplified information.


Have you wondered why you have been chosen for such job?

Of course. From the beginning I was surprised that such a spiritual mission was given to me, a former materialist. I have learned the details of this mission gradually, the same as the fact that the concretization of that job was only reminded to me at the right time. Until then I did not know the original book, although I was continuously looking for “universal” truth and justice.  Only when I became absorbed in the original source, which answered all of my questions, did I feel inexpressible gratitude that I could continue disseminating its knowledge.  


Who is the book actually for when you have already excluded materialists and supporters of other spiritual teachings?

I wrote it in a style which is suitable for “open” materialists, but also for idealists who are seeking a logical and compact picture of the universe and man.