Real source of truth cannot be one for all. It continues to change in a person with the development of thought and the awakening of consciousness. Real source of truth is influenced by faith and the depth of his practice and his dedication to his faith followed. The real source of truth lies in our inner self-consciousness which is eternal. Consciousness is dormant in the current state of selfishness and the degree of selfishness varies in individual persons. Real source of truth can not be achieved by integrating with your head thinking and selfishness.

For me, the different types of people or a person at different stages of awakening of consciousness may be classified in three and true foundation of reality is different for them. 

First types of people have sleeping consciousness, and love to live with the selfishness of art. They are trying to irritate and terrorize others with possession of wisdom and thought. They continue to seek the true source of fact in his dreams or imagination. For him, the Research Foundation for fact is that his university.

Two types of people has some growing awareness of the internal self and tries to find happiness with the wisdom of thought and continue to be dissatisfied. It will continue to seek the true source of truth in his thought of experience or rehabilitation of positive thoughts in mind, while kindness and helping others.
For him, the source of truth-seeking is in his pilgrimage, repeated at sacred places and feelings humble. A source of truth-seeking is his knowledge of Scripture and the faith commitment to participate in daily prayer. A source of truth-seeking is the selfishness of his relationship with the Lord in faith through prayer and sin to accept. 

Third type of person the enlightened consciousness of internal autonomy and has learned the art of living today. For him, a source of truth-seeking is to feel his conscience. A source of research that is enduring relationship with his Lord, or directly from Allah, or the unity of God. He tried living in the moment considering the fact the action of karma of life with the wisdom of self-consciousness and is satisfied in all situations.

It will continue to seek the truth in his repeated entry into meditation and surrender to the Lord of the faith. Some of them believe that all God is infinite and can be searched with a sense of thought. He loves going into deep meditation and surrender to the vision of the oneness of God, Allah, or the unity of God, etc.
Hopefully in this category are unable to express their quest for truth and unconditional love and remains dissolved in the oneness of God that is one for all types of life. For him, the truth of the oneness of God is the refinement of pure consciousness, others continue to collect as by level of development of the mind.

All people of all faiths agree that God is unique for all types of life. Different people perceive and feel real source of truth in different ways and frankly.