There are many different conceptions of God since the dawn of civilization. It is considered the eternal creator and sustainer of the basis of all walks of life and substance to the universe. The most conceivable God is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, the supreme divine power, very subtle, perfectly pure, perfectly motionless and supreme wisdom of God.

Human population in the world is estimated at 660 million. The majority believe in it, have a different perception with a different faith. It is estimated that 32% of people believe in his collection with the Christian faith. 19% of people believe in its perception towards the Islamic faith. 13% of people believe in its perception towards the Hindu faith. 6% of people believe in its perception by means of faith, Buddhism. 12% of people believe in its perception not of God. Remaining 18% of people believe in many small sects of faith.
The unity of God is not only perceived differently in different religious groups, it has different names in different languages. Amazing is eternal unity of God, his name and perceptions and where it exists.  

Some people perceive it is the giver of life, others see that it is very close. Some perceive it is inside me, others see it as very decorative life. Many arguments for and against the existence of God has continued to be proposed and rejected by the different styles of human civilization.
For me, amazing is the human mind which way to God. Amazing is the pure consciousness which is the house of God. Surprising is the eternal ring, which houses the eternal God. There are a lot of subtlety to his singing and drums and subtle formless infinite number of players in his subtle musical serenity. There are patterns of subtle music of Lord of highly respected and care about all living beings and the existence in the universe without end.

Here, the central elements of air, water, heat and many things are playing tremendous latent energy. The monarch of the spiritual center of faith is the song without thinking too much. The system hidden in the solar system of the universe is too loud, without thinking. The lord of karma is the song, while revising the wording of subliminal impressions and considering the seeds of karma and the karma of the infinite types of physical life.

Here, the seed of the physical life of the four original sources - egg, placenta, moisture and seed singing without thought. Here, the systems center of the continents of the environment has always supported the event from all areas, is playing with his tremendous latent energy.

Those who are in deep love for the Lord in a pure conscience, take the pulse of the eternal ring, while forgetting their faith in their right mind. Amazing resounding eternal arises in deep meditation on the eternal unity of God. What is loved by Him in eternal ringing, it is performed by all types and forms of life in all spheres shirts. I feel blessing, bowing before him.