Hearing, Seeing and Feeling Angels or Divine Presence.

The spiritual shift in man and the general evolution towards a higher conscious, has given us the opportunity to communicate with Higher Divine Realms. This is a true gift and not one that is to be considered to belong to the ‘rare few’. We are all made in the image of  God, the Divine if you like, so we are all an aspect of Him. That does not makes any the more inferior or superior to those around us. With this in mind, we are all able to see, hear or feel our Guardian Angels or Angel guides.

Below is a list of ways Angelic presence can be discerned. Bear in mind though that there really is no right or wrong way of determining Divine presence as we are all different and therefore have different  experiences. It lies ultimately in what you believe and what resonates with you.

There is a degree of difficulty though as one must be centred, clear of any judgement, love unconditionally and call upon Angels only for the highest good. They appear when they are called upon patiently and lovingly and only with the highest good in mind. They also appear after one has realised and truly accepted that they exist and when serenity lies within.

Meditating or praying helps clear one’s souls thus opening a channel to higher realms.  Do not feel insecure if you do not see or hear from your angel the moment you ask for his presence at first. Wait patiently, quietly , believe and he will arrive.

Hearing Angelic Presence.

• What may be heard is a voice in the distance. It is soft, soothing and very accurate. It does not beat around the bush nor does it say too much. It is not  direct nor rude nor demanding. It is a beautiful soft voice but may become hard when your guide is trying to avert danger.
• The advice given is exactly that – advice. Angels do not feed egos, do not come up with money making schemes nor the lotto numbers. They guide in your daily routine or problems. Their advice is sound and safe. It never ever denotes anger, violence or hurt.
• They may be usually usually heard , now this is a little difficult to explain, on the periphery of our ears.  The message reaches our  ears once its completed but  already heard .It may be something like a distant voice but distinct and clear.
• The language is ‘proper’. There are no slang terms nor any rude language. Nor, will they ever say ‘I told you so!’ Angels guide us with the decision we have made as long as it is  for the highest good. Remember though that the voice you hear is really a vibration and the accent may just as well resonate with your mother tongue.
• Some me hear music. This can be experienced in dreams as well. The music is soft, gentle and ‘quiet’.
• Sometimes, you may hear nothing! This can happen numerous times. Upon asking why there is no guidance you may receive  ‘You know the answer.’ After some thought, the answer is  there but the angels do not interfere with the lesson one must learn in life. He is there to help you get through the lesson and learn from it.

Seeing Angels.
• Angels can be seen as people, which is quite rare or as angels. That is normal angels with flowing robes or gowns and their wings are there but invisible in a way. Some, like myself, may be able to  see their faces and characteristics.
• One can also see their colours but in my personal experience not  say the exact colour. It’s either yellowey, bluey and so forth.
• Angels can be seen as sparks of beautiful colour, flashes of light or beautiful bubbles or clouds of light.
• Colours – generally it’s blue for Archangel Michael, yellow for Uriel, red for Gabriel and green for Raphael. As mentioned, everyones’s experience is different. Personally,  Archangels come through in Gold for me – but that is only my experience, yours could and probably will be different.
• Feathers in the oddest of places are also seen whenever one needs to be reassured that Angels  are in your presence or to remind one that we have not called upon them.

Feeling Angels.
 •One always feel a safe, warm presence. Even in summer when it’s very hot their warmth is felt  but it does not  make you hot. Sometimes Angels have do through as cool but there is a feeling of elevation and joy there.
• When an angel is presence you are truly in a higher vibration. You may  feel a flutter all the way from the corso to the head. It is  a wonderful feeling, something like being dizzy but aware. It is a safe feeling and it fills one  with joy and happiness. Sometimes, it overwhelms but in a positive way.
• Other times one may  just feel them next to them . End of story. You  know they are there – no heat, warmth or coolness just their presence. But it is a very safe feeling, very harmonious and very loving.

Basically, these experiences are to reassure us that it really is them with us. Some of you may not even have these feelings aroused but know that they are with you. For me, I no longer ask to see,hear or feel them but just ask for their presence. Luckily, I have built my faith in them to know that they are with me and do guide me. I only hear their voices if need be but I know they are present.
This is of course from experience and it resonates with me. You however may feel you need to see their wonderful presence – there really is nothing wrong with that. Our angels are from the Divine. They are sent to help, guide and heal us. They are here to help us tread the path of life as smoothly as possible and to lift us up when we fall and falter reminding us that we are here to learn and teach and grow spiritually.

<a href="http://angelhealingrealm.webs.com/ ">Seraphia Preston </a> has been healing and channeling guidance from higher sources for many years now. She has helped many find the right path to follow and their guiding influences. Seraphia stands out for her loyalty and honesty in this field of work.  Join her at her website for channeled reads, online courses, prayers and distant healing. http://angelhealingrealm.webs.com/