The Dictionary meaning of the word Inspiration is very interesting:
Filled with ability or urge to do something
Filled with creative power
Full of spirit which leads to an outstanding achievement
Inspiration can be influenced by 3 modes of material nature viz.,goodness, passion and ignorance. Iinspiration in the mode of ignorance - History shows that Hiranyakashipu had the urge to destroy all opposition and become the supreme and the most powerful person. This kind of inspiration leads someone in the path of destruction.
Inspiration in the mode of passion - When a young boy sees a beautiful young woman, he feels,"Oh! She is my only inspiration to come to college"
Inspiration in the mode of goodness - Mother Teresa was inspired to help humanity, help the suffering masses and take care of the dying, the needy and the poor.
After seeing the massive destruction in a terrible battle,the great king Ashoka was inspired to do good for humanity. He decided to become non-violent.
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