How do you come to a point in your life when you can sit down and talk to dead people?


And not just dead ones.


Famous ones. Celebrities. People of note.


But really, really dead ones.


The answer isn’t easy. It’s like asking Isaac Stern how he plays the violin. Or Sir Laurence Olivier how he acts. Or Michael Jackson how he does the Moonwalk.


Last fall 2009, my friend Cara Flack and I had an unexpected visitor from Heaven. It all started off as a joke when the gentleman Carla was seeing made a causal comment about the late Walter Cronkite’s first news broadcast from Heaven. We were laughing about it over the phone (I’m in New York and she’s in Indiana) when suddenly we both said, “Well, WHY NOT!” After all, we are both conscious mediums. Opening our respective psychic phones isn’t all that difficult.


Still, we weren’t exactly prepared for what was to come. In that moment, it was just play. It was fun. It was free!


So we were pretty surprised when by eveningfall Walter Cronkite, the great late famed broadcaster who had died some months earlier, came visiting us both. And boy, did he have a lot on his mind! JFK’s assassination. The challenges of an aging society. What Heaven was like. What his moment of passing looked and felt like.


And that was only the beginning.


Within 24 hours, Michael Jackson has also showed up--dying to talk, you might say! With both Carla and myself, Michael was eloquent about music and life after death. He also expressed great humility and depth. He was honest about his mistakes. And he even gave us both new lyrics to one of his favorite songs.


Then, over the next the seven weeks--to our continued amazement--one great celebrity soul after another came to knock on our psychic door….


Abraham Lincoln…Albert Einstein…Amelia Earhart…Paul Newman… Walt Disney…and…


One day Carla texted me that Bob Hope had shown up, swinging his golf club and saying he’d patiently wait for his turn.


(Sad to say, he is going to have to wait until our next edition!)


The information our first lineup of celebrity souls relayed was rich. Essentially Carla and I kept two questions in mind. What were your greatest insights from the life just lived? And what was your moment of passing like?


The answers from Heaven were all unique, surprising, mind-expanding and poignant. Every one had his or her own take, but a constant theme of love and the evolution of spirit from diverse aspects kept returning.


But it was one very special heavenly guest that truly turned our heads…


After Abe and Albert came on board, Carla and I felt there was probably a book being created, so I started to write the introduction.  I was sitting in my neighborhood coffee shop, about to finish the last paragraph, when—all of a sudden who came onto the radio…but…




John Lennon.


Singing: “Imagine all the life in peace.”


When I heard those words and that inimitable voice, a shiver ran through me. And it wasn’t my iced coffee. Talk about synchronicity! Indeed, “imagine the world in peace” was already a deeper theme of the material we were receiving. And in that moment I just knew John was most definitely destined to be a part of HEAVEN SPEAKS.


But where WAS he?!


Indeed, it took 5 more weeks for John to show up—and of course unexpectedly. Carla was cleaning up her front yard when she started hearing him come through with these words in rhythm to her raking: “If you can imagine it, you can establish it.” And he didn’t pop up fully into my consciousness until the night I celebrated finishing my transmissions with Michael by going to the movie theatre to watch the documentary of his last tour “This Is It.” Watching that movie itself was heart-wrenching, so I wasn’t at all expecting that when I went to bed with Michael on my mind I would wake up the next morning with John Lennon in my head saying, “Reeducate. Reorganize. Renew.”


Luckily, I keep my laptop in bed with me (don’t ask!) so when I heard those first few words, I woke my brave MacBook up, laid it on my stomach in the dark (while I remained lying down) and let John speak through my fingers.


(It’s only now as I write this that I am remembering that great classic photo of John and Yoko in bed together nude. Well, I guess I can truly attest to the fact that John still likes communicating in bed!)


But all kidding aside, John did have an important message to transmit for HEAVEN SPEAKS, one I’d love to share you with you now.


While I believe his powerful words will speak for themselves, how can I possibly express the energy that came through me that early morning while transmitting his words? I hate to admit it, but honestly, prior to this work, I cannot say I had been particularly a fan of John Lennon’s, but in that moment of transmission such was the utter depth and profundity of his soul that I burst into tears—right there in bed. Even now in this moment as I write this, I am touched by that grace. Here is a soul, ever alive in the realm of consciousness, one who has no interest in glamour or façades, who continually returns to silence to recharge, one who is determined to express himself clearly, and accurately and yet most artistically in order to speakTruth in its most essential nature.


A true poet of the cosmos.


And whether you believe any this or not, John Lennon wants you most of all to know…


…right now he is speaking directly to you.


From HEAVEN SPEAKS, the soul of John Lennon:


“There is an urgent need to reeducate the world.


Everything we have been taught, everything we have been blindsided to in our upbringing, is not true. We are not limited beings. We are not who we think we are.


YOU—are not who you think you are.


The Beatles brought such a crushing momentum to the world because there were parts in all of us that were essentially free. We held this vision. We pursued this vision. We saw the power four people could have and we dove into the meaning of that. We knew that which would free us would free the world. We were not just a pop group. We were not just a rock group. We were a band of free men leading a world to a different consciousness. It had to come in the way it did because those was the times. In these times, things like this—this book, other movements—these are the bands leading people to higher consciousness.


Heed the call.


Dark must become white. There is no other way to say it. What is hidden must be revealed. What is closed must be opened. What is rejected must be embraced. A starving child must become beautiful in our eyes so that we will embrace it. An abused mother calls for us to put our arm around her, not shun her, not walk away. A homeless person must call out to our compassion, not our ignorance.


We must open our eyes and see in a new way.


This is the call of this generation, to wash our eyes out with a new kind of compassion. I feel the worst at times and yet I see the brilliance of a future where all men and women shall rest in the bosom of light and love. I don’t mean to sound sappy. I trust that the light will do its work and find renewal in the hearts of every man and woman and child. It is not only in the children where we must find hope. That child is inside all of us.


I sought this in my life but I had to sequester myself from society eventually to hear that voice. We can so easily be confused by all the patterning that society throws at us, not the least which is the media. The media needs to wake up that they are creating patterns of thoughts—greed, lack of verisimilitude, dishonesty—and that like attracts like. They will find themselves in a cesspool of deceit and greed. This desire to make money for its own sake must be changed. It is sick, truly.


The money I had meant nothing to me, truly. But it can be binding. I longed to lead a simple life.


(John seems to have a need to stop and think, and then reboot. Long spaces of silence in between the transmission. Let’s sit in the silence, he would seem to say as if he wanted us to meditate together. Then he’d start again.)


Reeducation. Reorganization. Renewal. Imagine that as a political platform, a leader who actually has the power and the insight to lead the globe through massive transformation of the spirit, one who has gone through transformation him or herself, who stands up and says, Yes, this is the way the new reality is. I’ve been there and seen the light. Maybe it will take someone who has had a near-death experience, a walk-in, a spirit from another being-realm more advanced than the common man but dear in heart, determined in vision, belonging to the human race and yet above its frailties and greed and defaults.


All the lonely people, where do they all come from? A haunting song Paul and I wrote. We were feeling this undercurrent in life, this quiet desperation that leads to self-destruction. From this vantage point, we see how truly wasteful that loneliness is, how necessary it is that people join together, to recognize how to say “I love you” to each other, to look behind the facades and pick someone up off the sidewalk, take them in, feed them, care for them. We are family. We are one.


We are not separate beings on an island. How I wish I could convey the words, the rhythm, the harmony, to express that and have it lodge in your heart as a guiding star.


How deeply do I wish that.


How deeply do I wish that for you.


My heart opens to this vision and light streams forth to touch each and every one of you, to ignite within you the dream this soul has held for eons. Light your fire now. The world is coming in a flash, in a torrent, in an avalanche to pick you up and demand your best.


Reeducate. Reorganize. Renew.


There is a massive need for reorganization. The money system. The distribution of supplies. The way men and women interact. The way families interact within themselves and with each other. There is a greater vision of family interaction, communal living, communal assistance, not one family inside a home with closed doors. We can care about each other beyond our closed doors.

Whatever I could say about my private life now is not important. What I have to give is this vision.


Hand in hand. Heart to heart. Head to head.


The life we have now is ours to give.”


--From the soul of John Lennon, in HEAVEN SPEAKS: Intimate Interviews with Illuminated Souls (Soul Connections, 2010). HEAVEN SPEAKS is a joint project by two conscious mediums Pamela Bloom and Carla Flack, featuring spiritual interviews with Walter Cronkite, Michael Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Amelia Earhart, Paul Newman, Walt Disney, and John Lennon, plus “behind-the-psychic-scene” reportage about how the book came to be,


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