Interior design of the human being is designed by God, when human sperm fertilizes the ovum of a woman. At the time of conception, the sex of interior design for human life is honored by God and how it will evolve, both during pregnancy and after birth. God I love this collection of my interior before coming into this world.

The interior of blood vessels of human life becomes decorated after half a month of conception. In the month of conception, God begin within the foundation of the brain, spinal cord and entire nervous system of the fate of human life. The interior of the eye of life intended by God begins to develop early in the fourth week after conception. Then, highly critical of the esophagus, gallbladder, liver, lung, pancreas, pharynx, stomach, trachea also starts to form on the order of God. And towards the end, inside the nose, tongue, and spleen also begin to develop on the orders of God. God I love this collection of my interior before coming into this world.

The interior of the heart begins to beat in the month of conception, the circulation of blood throughout the life of the man intended. Also inside the arm begins to form, then the beginnings of the leg and the opening of the mouth of human life for the first time. Also interior design of the building blocks of muscles that go from the base of the skull in the back of the destiny of life is ordained by God. Similarly, within the kidney, jaws and ears and the face begins to look human. God I love this collection of my interior before coming into this world.

In a second month, the interior design of several parts of the human being continues on order of God. The decoration of the intestine, larynx, spinal nerves , part of the brain that controls intellect and motor activity, begins to differentiate into the second month after conception. Both eyes and ears are developing rapidly during the seventh week after conception. At this time, thumbs, neck, feet and heels all the fingers are also present.

At the end of the eighth week of the great majority of body organs, structures and systems have already begun to develop. During the first three months, the complete design of the interior of the human being is completed by God. God I love this collection of my interior before coming into this world. During the remainder of the pregnancy, the development consists mainly of growth and maturation of body parts that are already present.

It is surprising that distinction within every human being is in its fine in his finger, palm and footprints and they can never be reproduced in humans. It is surprising that during pregnancy, changes in the brain of his mother come to care for the child at birth, with unconditional love

God is amazing and surprising, it is within the rights and surprising calm of his studio where he secretly designing a human being, without making himself known to his father and the mother of child. It is surprising that on the birth of the child, claims many fathers dominant child of his creation and even considers his mother as tools of its creation. Many people and many types of faith do not believe in any God or believe in many conditions. Many people consider women inferior which he is the offspring and continue to deny their human rights. They continue to divide between true God and the name of various religious groups and  symbol. Their selfishness continues to take false perception of God, true God while continuing their interior decoration of human life with unconditional love.

A Buddhist friend advised me there is no god  and to reduce suffering follow him to improve quality of human life.   While I try to explore truthfully the Interior of my Human Life, my  mind become fixed on thoughts of my mother who cared my childhood  with unconditional true love. While I try to explore truthfully the Interior of Human Life, my feeling become fixed How inner Life is still being decorated by God
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