Women's work at home as housewife and mother to take care of children is priceless. Working women continue to work hard on housework and childcare. Without doubt, a housewife and mother to child live more difficult lives than her husband.

In countries like India, my country, for the sake of a healthy diet and education of children, women usually play the role of housewife. This is the case of qualified women, even professional.
Although income from business or service, the husband is the main or primary source, it will always be higher. Housewives and mothers caring for children are not taken into account for the value so that the work of a housewife is considered equivalent to his salary to hire a servant. The value of the housewife as mother to the child and love and care of his spouse at home is not appreciated at all. In many cases, women are considered at par to pay the salary of a servant of the house. It is the violation of human rights of women and the moral laws and moral laws of many nations are still tilted in favor of dominating the world of men.  

I give the history of human rights violations of women has been considered and decided in favor of the woman by the Supreme Court of India. A housewife from a  businessman died in an automobile accident. Under the law, compensation is fixed on life expectancy and earning capacity. As the woman was not working anywhere, but was simply a housewife, her request was accidentally fixed value based on the work of a house servant. Injured party went to the Supreme Court on the violation of human rights as a housewife earning capacity is fixed at least to her husband, business man. She was a woman working at home to care for her children and her loving husband as a housewife and it can hardly be obtained from a servant of the house.

Frustrated by the poor provision of compensation for the death of a housewife in a traffic accident, the evaluation of low value, the Supreme Court of India examined the value of these women and has traveled the high amount the significant wage and returns the case to Parliament in India to protect the rights of the housewife and loving mother.  

The judge noted that it was often forgotten that the time spent by women on housework at home was the time they could devote to paid work or education. This lack of sensitivity and recognition of their work contributes mainly to a high rate of extreme poverty and oppression in society accordingly, and various physical, social and psychological. Justice, who wrote the main verdict, also said: We believe it is very unfair, unjust and inappropriate to calculate the compensation payable to dependents of a deceased wife or mother who has no regular income by comparing their services to that of a maid or employee, who works for a given period.  

The free services provided by the wife / mother to her children and spouses can not be treated as an employee of the function and no evidence or data can be produced to estimate the value of these services. It is virtually impossible to measure in monetary terms the loss of personal care and attention suffered by the husband and children for the disappearance of the housewife.  
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