Vagabund is a name for someone who has no home, no permanent address, but wanders through the world.


Does he seek for something? For some better place? As if no place is good enough to keep him stay permanently.


Like Bosnian pop singer Zdravko Čolić in one of his songs says:

I Race through prairie,

Rove through the stars,

Fight with the winds,

Hide in the woods,

Hang out with the ramblers

Maybe in your heart too something vibrates on this picture that paints inner restlessness?

Maybe deep inside you can see yourself in it?


Are you ready to become a seeker?


All people, more or less seek something. Even if they have never left the place where they were born, their thoughts are always searching for something, their hearts hope and wait for something. Some people search some specific things; choose what they consider as most valuable, fight for it and at the same time try to avoid things they don’t like. Of course they never succeed in that completely and cry and laugh exchange in their lives as said in Bible that to everything there is a season. But they start ever again, inventing new, better strategies.   

But also those that don’t know exactly what they want wander through this world hoping for something to happen, some real lasting happiness, that never comes, or if it seems that it shows its beautiful face to them, it pops out. And all over again…


But they are not at all real seekers. They just sleep and seek in their dreams.


Still there are people that start to flair final meaningless of it all, people that know that there is no permanent abode in this world for their hearts... and in such man feeling  awakes about existence of something completely different, wonderful and real, although still invisible. Invisible because their eyes were for a long time closed, until question of meaning waked them.

Then they become seekers – led by longing for finding what is real, what is ultimate truth.

According to the eternal law that longing attracts the power they need to begin the final quest and to persist on that way to the end. That strength comes from the imperishable kingdom, because what such people search is imperishable. Imperishable means the only One that really exists and that means only one worth of search, worth of our heart, of our life.

As written further in the mentioned song:



What is life, what is death,

What is fear?
There is only You,

You give hope and might,

To seek further and further,

That home in which You live


If we stay faithful to that, in the beginning still silent, current of power, to that longing, light in our heart will be ever brighter and will lead us safely through all fear and obstacles that may come our way, right to abode of the light and love, that is our real home.