Everyone is assigned their own personal angel known as their guardian angel. Guardian angels belong to the lowest ranking choir of angels and act as a chaperone through life. Your guardian angel will help to steer you in the right direction but will not interfere with your life lessons. They can be called upon for reassurance and understanding, think of them as your best friend. Your guardian angel will communicate with you if asked. However, if your energy is too negative they will have trouble getting through. Guardian Angels will speak gently but clearly passing telepathic thoughts on a daily basis, it is up to the individual to be listening The more a person talks to their guardian angel the closer the ‘friendship’ becomes.

The difference between Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

Everyone is assigned one guardian angel. Unlike Spirit Guides the angel does not change during a person’s life-time. Guardian Angels have never been incarnate in a human body, spirit guides have. Spirit Guides are sent to advise and guide similarly to guardian angels. The difference being, angels do not have the human short comings Spirit Guides have. Spirit Guides are there to guide but they still have the emotional influences humans in a physical form have, therefore they are often swayed by their own opinion and not always by a person’s highest ideal. A Spirit Guide may try to interfere with destiny if they can see something not so pleasant coming for the person they are responsible for guiding, guardian angels will soften the blow (if asked). They will not meddle with the lesson to be learned. Both however, will intervene when asked if the occasion is not part of a person’s destiny, therefore it can be avoided.

Every day occasions angels can be used for

Angels (including your guardian angel) are there waiting to be asked. They will assist with all aspects of life. One of the most useful occasions to ask for their assistance is for the location of parking spaces. Guaranteed if you ask early enough and trust the response, you will always get a parking space in the busiest of places! m Angels can be asked to help other people through tough times. If a person will not ask for help, send the angels. The angels will do their best to assist the person during their experience. Ask the angels to help you understand something you are struggling with, ask them to guide your family and friends home safely, ask them for whatever you would like. They will respond to your higher will.

Detecting angel presence

Angels will show their presence through several means. Although a physical presence is preferable to most people, they will often choose to show themselves through other means. White feathers in unexplained places are often a sign of an angel leaving its mark. Angels will sometimes allow their presence to be known through touch, an overwhelming feeling of warmth and love is indicative of an angelic presence.

Case studies of the physical presence of angels

There are numerous reported sightings of angels through time to the present day. However, there are more and more sightings in the present times due to the angels coming in closer to our earthly experience. mSome ‘angel students’ remember their experiences:m Helen had only just started to develop her psychic abilities when she saw what follows:-

“My very first experience of an angelic presence was at the age of 23. I was sitting in a room, day dreaming when I saw standing by the door, in front of me, a huge being stretching from floor to ceiling. I looked away thinking it was my imagination, to then look back to see it was still there! The being was of a bright, glowing yellow light. The sun was not shinning and there was no way it was a trick of the light, it was undoubtedly a being. I asked what it wanted, and was told it was an angel. Although in the immediate moment I was shocked I was later absolutely amazed and totally convinced I had seen an angel”.

Another example of an angelic encounter is that of Julie. Julie had started to develop her psychic abilities after some years previous she had lost her partner to an accidental death. Julie had discovered through classes how to contact angels and ask for their help. mJulie had wanted to contact a medium she had been recommended to see following the death of her partner. She had been to see the medium before when she was told to come back in six months because she was not ready to have contact with her loved one.

Months to years passed she felt she was ready. Searching high and low for the phone number she realized she had lost it. Julie asked her angels to help her find the number, searching everywhere she still could not find it. One day she saw signs for a psychic fair and chanced that the medium she wanted to contact would be there. She looked around at the stalls, disappointed she went to leave the fair. Walking to the entrance of the building she noticed a Range Rover car as it stopped right in front of her at the entrance. “Did you find what you were looking for?” said the lady driver as she rolled down the window. “No” came Julie’s reply. “Never mind, I have a name and number for you” the lady said as she began to scribble on a piece of paper. She then handed Julie the paper and drove off. The name and number was that of the medium Julie had been looking for.

Julie firmly believes her angel sent the lady. She had not asked anyone else to help her locate the number!