Can a prayer for money really pay off by putting cash in your pocket? It might and it might not.


You may be asking what the difference is between prayers for prosperity that work and those that don’t. I’m glad you asked because the answer is YOU!


If you are saying your prayer for money with the following attitudes, then I wouldn’t rush out and buy things waiting for the money to come in to pay for them. These attitudes will almost certainly block your prosperity from showing up.


Prosperity Blockers

Feeling Undeserving - You might want more money, but deep down inside, you really don’t think that you deserve to have more.


Being Judged - You believe there is a God on a cloud somewhere who is evaluating your behavior to determine whether you have been good or bad lately.  If you have been good, then you might get some money.  If you have been bad, forget it.


Need to Grovel - You believe that you have to beg, plead, or bargain with God in order for more money to come your way.


Too Busy - You feel that you really shouldn’t bother God with your problems because He is too busy with all the trouble in the world.


Virtuous - You believe that poverty is a virtue and that you grow spiritually when you are struggling.


Must Do It Right - You believe that you have to say the perfect prayer for money, with just the right words, in order for God to answer your prayer.


While none of these ideas are true, if you BELIEVE they are true, then your financial condition probably won’t improve. If you find that you do believe some of these things, don’t despair. All hope is not lost. You can work on changing your thinking and, as a result, your financial condition.


The following attitudes will go a long way in allowing your prosperity prayer to pay big dividends.


Prosperity Attractors


Lots of Money Is Good - Know that God loves you and wants you to have money -- lots and lots of money.


No Judgment - Understand that because God loves you, He is not judging whether or not you deserve to have money. God knows that you deserve it.


More Than Enough - Recognize that there is more than enough money to go around.  When your prayer for money is answered, it doesn’t mean that you have taken money away from someone else. There is plenty of money for everyone.


Don’t Need Perfection - Realize that it doesn’t matter so much what the words are in your prayer.  What matters is the expectation that you have after you say the prayer.  If you say, “Thank you God for my increased money.” ,and you believe that you will receive more money, then that is a good prayer. 


Basically, if you know you deserve to have money, if you believe that God wants you to have money, and if you have faith that your prayer for money will work, then it probably will.