"If you practice meditation,
if you practice being present,

then you probably have found
that there is this incessant urge
for your attention
to leave this moment
into outward things.

Whether it be in the form
of desire, worry
memories or knowledge,

underneath whatever thought is there
is this intense driving force
to take you out of this moment.

And so meditation
can end up being a conflict
between being present
and being taken out of the present.

You pull yourself back
into this moment
and then you are pulled out again.

You try and force yourself
to stay present but somehow
something grabs your attention
and takes you out.

And so what is supposed to be peaceful
feels more like repression,
seems more like a fight
for control
between being present
and the urge to seek outside
of this moment.

And you end up trying
to do meditation.
The mind trys to meditate
rather meditation simply happening.

But if you can recognize this force
that pulls you out,

not the particular thoughts
but the force behind the thoughts.

If you can be aware of this force
and allow it without attaching yourself to it,
you can move beyond this conflict.

You do not force yourself
to stay in one place,
you see your natural state
is being here.

You recognize the constant movement
that flows out of this moment
while resting as the moment.

It can feel funny at first.
Because you cannot be you
in this awareness.

The individual you is not there.
You remain only as consciousness,
only as awareness
as presence
completely free of yourself.

What is important to see
is that being present
is not a state,
it is not something you enter into,
it is naturally what you are
at your essence.

Really what I am pointing to
is stillness.

You are not being still,
you are resting as stillness,
at the deepest space of rest
while allowing and witnessing
the constant movement
that is arising out of this moment.

In this way
you can enter samadhi.



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