The old is giving way to the new. In other words, the disintegration of our social structures is not the product of a pathology, but the profoundly positive consequences of humanity shifting from an intellectually oriented mode of evolution through the exploration of the physical world to a heart centered mode of evolution through responsible choice with the assistance and guidance of non-physical Teachers – through the pursuit of authentic power.”

Gary Zukav

With everything around us in a state of flux, natural laws dictate that we cannot escape without going through some form of change, too. Since we are evolving into higher consciousness beings, our mental and physical beings will be affected in tandem as well. All of nature seeks equilibrium, and if a system of energetic vibrations undergoes a shift, then it follows that the other “parts” will also shift in their own way until a balance is achieved.

In summary, this is what I mean. We are undergoing an evolution. It begins at the spiritual energetic level through an ascending vibrational frequency. When this shift in energy occurs, the equilibrium between the spiritual, physical and mental becomes unbalanced, so there will be a natural tendency for the other two to also undergo their own shift in order to accommodate the vibrational change until a state of harmony is reached.

So what does it mean to be a higher consciousness being?

While I emphasise that our personal journey remains very much a unique path, there are of course general attributes which constitute the model of a higher consciousness being. The basic fundamentals are greater awareness and clarity of what Life truly is.

We will gradually start to view the world around us differently. There will be a sense of connectedness which springs from within for what we see around us. We will realise that there really is no need to have dominion over Earth or any living creature. We will lose the interest to conquer, tame, rule, domesticate, control or colonise. We will understand that Earth or any “paradise” on it belongs to no one, and we cannot claim sovereignty over any part of it. We will finally come to a greater awareness that all we have is stewardship, not ownership, over Earth and other creatures.

We will see beyond social impositions and expectations. As we walk away from these external blueprints, we will inch closer and closer to our core essence, which requires no blueprints because it has always been there – intact, whole, divine, perfect. We will lose our need to be “someone else” just to comply with social benchmarks, and instead feel the need to become our True Self just because it is the authentic expression of our Soul. This will lead to the dissolving of our incessant craving for approval and validation from the outside world. This in turn will result in an inner sense of peace which emanates from within and permeates outwards. We will be at peace with who we truly are.

We will understand that separation will only serve to perpetuate the misery which is prevalent in the world. The mentality of “us” and “them” cannot bring us to a place of love. Only when we come to a conviction that no one, no race, no religion, no country is really more superior than another can we finally see love in diversity. We will no longer believe in the need to destroy, battle, convert or suppress another in our bid to homogenise our world.

We will recognise the futility of seeking drama in our lives. For far too long, humanity lived in a state of spiritual wilderness, having lost our connection to our Divinity, our Source. We misplaced our reverence in some far-away realm, reachable only through a specific set of doctrines and rituals. This led to the feeling that we had been “cut off” in some way – the result was that we began to live spiritually empty lives which in turn made us believe that we were dying some sort of death. In order to feel “alive”, we allowed ourselves to create one drama after another in our lives. Living through drama, no matter how bad it was, was preferable to a life devoid of drama. Drama made us feel that we exist, and gave us a sense of identity and a place in the world. Once we re-connect to our Divinity or Higher Self, we will re-establish the spiritual abundance which will fill our lives, rendering the need for drama virtually unnecessary.

We will begin to be responsible over our own actions. We will appreciate the fact that everything we do has a consequence, and therefore claim responsibility over every action that stems from us. This will bring about greater awareness of the world around us, and we will welcome our growing ability to become more sensitive to the people and situations in our lives. We will move from a place of self-centredness to a place of self-awareness; the former makes our world very small, the latter enlarges our world considerably. Our choices will automatically be responsible ones.

We will commence our transformation from a five-sensory human into a multi-sensory human, as explained by spiritual teacher and best-selling author Gary Zukav. We will no longer limit our life experiences through just the five sense – we will empower ourselves and open up to experience life in all its richness, activating and employing the full range of sensory perceptions that were previously dormant or unavailable. We will then be able to see beyond the illusions of the outer world and begin to create anew, this time from a place of wisdom deep within us. And then, namaste will not just be a mere greeting…it will be a truth that is deeply felt, understood and assimilated. We will finally begin to see with Divine eyes and learn to recognise that same Source-Divinity in each of us.

And Life will look simply beautiful.

From Amethyst Road Issue 17 (Edited Version)