Most of us have heard about the 2012 conspiracy theories right? Especially after the movie 2012, the general public started to have an idea that this might be the armageddon, the Apocalpyse. Even though, the movie did not quite made a big impact, a lot of people still think that the end of the world is coming.

Since the Mayan Calendar is about an end too, in 21 December 2012, the ones who do not do research merely think that, the end is coming.

Since learning about this subject will open the doors to a higher kingdom, I wanted to share this article with beginner esoteric seekers mostly, so they can understand this important time of transformation, and be prepared for the upcoming events.

As we know from the calendar, we are very close to a time of change, in fact we are already living this awakening. 2 years ago when I was doing my researches about enlightenment, there was not even one friend I knew, who was interested in spiritual knowledge. At the time, I was researching about ancient secrets, from Mayan Calendar, to the ancient Book of the Dead. Especially, the year 2012 was attracting my attention so much. I wanted to know what the ancients had to say about this. Then I researched more about what the modern new agers found related to 2012.

All my researches and meditations made me understand that the world was getting uplifted to a higher dimension, a higher consciousness. All the information was saying that more and more people are gonna start to ask questions, and seek for the truth. In fact, those people who ridiculed me for searching for spiritual wisdom, especially those who were closest to me, started to ask the same questions I was asking. More and more friends of mine started to read spiritual books, and seek enlightenment, and I see this all around, not only among my relatives.

Mayans did not say the world was gonna end on 21 December 2012. They said it was an end of a cycle. They have many times like this in their calendar. Of course, this is not to say that, this is not a special time. Because it is. Although, I wouldn't want you to wait until 21 December 2012, to find out what's happening. Because the age of enlightenment is already happening, look all around you, visit a book store and check out what each book in the top 20 book talk about, I bet you will find very interesting stuff, even if you did not have any interest in these topics before.

These are not conspiracy theories. But there are a lot of false information around. So please be informed and seek for the truth. The divine intervention is happening in a major aspect, and this is gonna grow bigger.

However, don't forget this quote, wherever there is no fire, no light shines. So we need chaos, to get together under one religion. Humanity. Then we shall find the truth of all truths, which is rendering pure loving devotional service, to our people, to our world, and most importantly to our Creator. Without expecting anything in return. No fame, no money, no knowledge, and no victory. If we can do just for the sake of serving, we will not incur any sins. Thus, we shall get together, and fight a holy battle against this darkness that is covering us. Wars, poverty, animal slaughter, and much more are not being seen by the ones who are happy, but it's time for you to see the reality too.

And chaos will show itself with plagues, market crashes, change in the financial system, earthquakes, and much more. Yes, this will happen too. Many scientists are confirming that such major changes are expected. But world is not gonna end. It will transform. But don't expect a golden age, because you won't be able to see that in this material world, unless your inner is only made out of gold. If you know what I mean...

Here are 10 things you can do to prepare for the upcoming events:

1. Search this keyword - 2012 Age of Enlightenment

2. Watch Zeitgeist and Esoteric Agenda, they are free online

3. Learn to meditate, it helps you release your stresses and much more

4. Buy a book about Self-Realization or God consciousness

5. Learn like you will never die

6. Appreciate life, even at the worst moment

7. Don't think you are a victim of circumstances, no matter what find your
light, seek the truth

8. Watch meditation videos on youtube, you will love them, especially solfeggio frequencies are cool

9. Read Bhagavad Gita As It Is; itwas the favorite book of Einstein, Gandhi, Emerson and many more..

10. Don't just seek for money, power, fame, knowledge. Try to nourish your inner child, it will become alive, it never died, because soul never dies.

The Secrets Blogger,