Love potions are one of the most famous ways to get the object of your romantic desire. History is full of incredible stories in both eastern and western cultures of the use of such potions.

In many of these stories, great magicians used love potions to get beautiful princesses and sometimes even celestial beings to fall in love with humans.

However, as time went on, and due to the secrecy of many masters hiding their tantric books, the proper way of creating <a href=“”>love potions</a> was lost with time.

The internet is now ripe with sample love potions that can be done using simple household ingredients. Most of these sadly, have little to no effect. This is due to one reason. People forget to take into account that in the old days, astrology was important when one wanted to brew a love potion.

Astrology is essential with any ritual and it is extra important when one decides to create a potion of any effect, be it money, success or love.

The planetary god associated with love in the Vedic system is Shukra, the guru of the Asuras. They day dedicated to him is Friday and the hour where he is most powerful is on the first hour after sunrise.

So if one were to decide to create an effective love potion, it would be best for him to ensure that he does the ritual on the first hour of sunrise on a Friday.

Also ritual work done on a full moon will give the most beneficial effects while those done during an empty moon would be for evil effects. Therefore if one desires to do a love potion to join two people together, he should try to time it during the phase of the moon where it is becoming full.

This vital timing information is all available in the Hindu almanac called the "panchang" which details the appropriate astrological timing for all spiritual and astrological rituals for the year on a daily basis.

Only by following all these key steps when creating your own potions of love, will you be able to make it as effective as possible and allow it to bring about the changes you want into your life.