What is the Christ? (Christ is the English translation of the Greek word Χριστός (Christos), which literally means The Anointed One)

The (real) Christos (anointed one) is a place in consciousness where you become aware of who and what you are. When you become aware of the presence within, you awaken from a deep sleep. You become aware of the beauty around you. Things that once seemed a burden are no longer a burden. You become aware that nothing is yours and yours alone. You are aware that all things and all people belong to God. You know you are his child and you see that if you are a child of God, all others are children of God.

You know in your heart that even your children are not yours. If you are a child of God so are the ones you have called yours. Then you begin to release your hold on them and give them back to God. You trust God to take care of them, whereas in the past you have tried to mold them to your way, or tried to take over their responsibilities. You realize that instead of helping them you have retarded them. You also realize that they too must see their mistakes. Instead of taking over, you speak to the Christ within them and you pour out impersonal love; this is true Christ love. You become aware of why your love must become impersonal. You realize that it is not possible to love all people in a personal way; you love all because all are One.

You begin to speak to God as you would to your dearest friend. You speak to him knowing he is within and not in a far off place You feel warmth from within that you have not felt before. You tell him you have given up the struggle. You feel your troubles take wings and fly away. At last you are free. You have come to that place in consciousness where the anointed (Christos) dwells, that heavenly place that belongs to all, and you know that at long last you have come home. You stand serene and look back over the far country that you have roamed and struggled and wonder why it took you so long to come home. Then you will know the meaning of the words: "You cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven except through the Christ."

Orginally Published in
"The unseen World" (2003) by Goldie Knight