From youth on we are guided by our environment to improve in any way we can. And every person tries to do this to a greater or lesser degree. He enhances his body with hygiene, exercise, nutrition and with clothing too. He fashions a comfortable home and surrounds himself with nice and durable objects. Perfection and beauty he also transfers into the sphere of the soul. He tries to improve his character and abilities, he fights negative traits, adapts to ethical rules and educates himself. If, concurrently with the effort for perfection he fulfills his desires - to acquire status, property and family - he becomes a popular and successful member of society.

Shortly before death, and sometimes even sooner, during his life, this satisfied person realizes that his satisfaction and harmony are only on the surface, they are only apparent. Inside there is an unconscious fear, anxiety, sometimes even sorrow that everything that he has worked for all his life he must lose one day. His anguish is well founded. By improving his body and soul he has only developed the coverings of the spirit, which really will perish. In the majority of cases this successful person had no time to gain the knowledge that the death he fears can be influenced by his own actions. That’s why he assumes that there is nothing more to be done but to reconcile with the final exit and to not think about it. And so he avoids solitude and quiet moments all his life, because that’s when these suppressed feelings come out and demand an answer to the question: “What purpose is there to improvement, when all will pass eventually anyway? “ Because he does not find a satisfactory answer, he pushes these unpleasant feelings aside as something unnecessary, disturbing. He drowns them in work, entertainment, by watching television, doing sports or anything else to avoid being left alone with them, to forget them.

In a quiet moment there comes a desire from his subconscious to live as long as he can, even forever, but he chases it away with the logical argument that something like that is not possible. This contradiction suffocates and torments him. His inner self longs for eternity but his “educated” intellect tells him the opposite: “Eternity does not exist, only extinction. So live it up as long as you can.” And so he wastes his free time by living it up instead of seeking the response to the question where this desire for eternity comes from. He does not know that it stems from his spirit, which he does not want to bring to life, because he does not believe that it exists.

When you ask such a person why he was born, he will tell you - so that he is satisfied, or that it was the wish of his parents. He does not fathom that he himself wanted it and that they only helped him to realize his wish on Earth.

Almost all of us are influenced by some opinion about life after death, although we are hardly aware of it. Either we think that nothing exists after death or that the soul goes to heaven or hell. Some people believe that they live more than once, but do not know when the repeated lives come to an end.

What actually is eternity, eternal life? Modern man would like to know all the reasons and connections to be able to believe, or to be convinced. Heaven, hell and purgatory are idioms which do not really tell him anything, although they figuratively express eternity. But there is no clear explanation given about eternity and so justifiable doubts and distrust in this regard occur. How can eternity be explained? In the same way as we explain all spiritual processes and terms - with the help of Eternal Laws. The greatest impediment to understanding eternity is ignoring repeated lives on Earth.

The belief in only one life is a clear example of an injustice which cannot be in accordance with God’s Perfection.

Let’s just look at one extreme case. How can a mentally handicapped person reach perfection if he only has one life in which he is not able to comprehend or do anything? Why then was he or she born? If we could choose only one life to improve in no one would choose a life like that. If God was doing the selection, we would feel disappointed and injured to have been given such a life. We would be tormented by the difficult question: “Why do I have to be like this?” Every event has its cause, and knowing about it is the root of knowledge. Although the cause is not known to man he feels that it exists. That’s why he asks the question. In this case, the answer lies in some previous life in which the person concerned “failed”. We know already that we all were given equally in the beginning.

Let’s return to the time when man started to live his first life. We know that he did not inherit the spirit from his parents, but that it comes from the radiation of the Creator. In the form of precipitation the radiation rolled down from the top and various worlds and germs have formed from it.

To develop, the spirit-germ of man needs to get the furthest away from the Light, into the coldest and lowest part of the Creation - into the Material Universe, which was created specifically for the spirit-germ for this purpose.

From the Divine Realm, the spirit-germ rolls to the Spiritual Realm still being unconscious of itself. From there, according to the Law of Motion, it sinks, not being aware of itself yet, through the Animistic Realm. Here it obtains two coverings that assist him to awake to conscious life. From one covering a flower develops, which protects him from external influences, from the other covering a child is formed - the soul. The child-shaped soul matures in higher Ethereal Worlds under the loving care of female beings. In the lower levels of the Ethereal World it also comes into contact with male caregivers and teachers. In every level the spirit-germ covers itself with a homogeneous cloak, and that’s why, in reality, the human soul has many more coverings than were mentioned in the beginning. The spirit-germ needs to develop all of them into a human form so they fit into each other. In the first phase of the development of the spirit-germ the soul is created in a human form.

It matures into adulthood by transiting Gross Material Worlds, where it obtains thicker and heavier coverings. When it reaches the lowest planet in the World of Matter - the Earth, which is the most dense and the heaviest, an important and decisive turn occurs in the development of the spirit. It receives the thickest covering - the material body, and becomes a human being. As a gift he receives many lives which provide him with enough time and many possibilities to improve his spirit.

The spirit-germ that developed only a little up to that time begins to awaken and grow in the material body under the hard knocks of life. Man must fight to survive the climate, nature and its creatures, diseases and other dangers. The development of his spirit is also influenced by mental impulses - the development of speech as well as by conflicts with people, fatal blows, the struggle with Darkness, etc.

Through several lives the initially small spirit-germ grows into a human form and gradually fills the whole soul and body.

After each earthly death the spirit in the form of a soul waits for the next incarnation in the Astral where, owing to the Law of Motion, it continues in its development.

The soul returns to Earth, into the material body, until it develops its spirit-germ into an independent spiritual personality which controls the soul and body. This can only be achieved when man realizes that he has a spirit as well. As long as he does not know this, he only lives a physical and mental life, i.e., predominantly for earthly needs and worries, and cannot, or has no time to, sufficiently develop his spirit. Time for this development is limited, not endless. The Earth is the most important place in the Universe, as here the decision is made about the further existence or perishing of the spirit. There are only two possibilities:

Either it returns into the Spiritual Realm after concluding spiritual development as an eternal spiritual personality,

or, on Earth, during Judgement, it perishes, being incapable of further spiritual development.

The material body therefore is the most difficult test for the spirit. Either man develops his spirit to such a degree that it will control the soul or he lets himself be controlled by the body and soul by neglecting the spirit. Today we stand on the brink of this period.

As man so the Earth also has its spirit, which needs to mature within a specific period. During its development the Earth gradually loses its material covers on the path of disintegration. He who did not develop his spirit on Earth on time does not have a place to finish his development. With the disintegration of the Gross Material World the Ethereal World also ceases to exist.

Let us go back to the man who was able to develop his spirit from a tiny germ into the conscious spiritual personality, which filled his whole soul and body, before the disintegration of the planet. He succeeded in reaching his goal and the purpose of his lives - his spirit-germ became an eternal personality capable of living without the body and soul.

He departs into a homogeneous environment - into the Spiritual Realm. By travelling through higher Worlds of Matter he gradually rids himself of the coverings which he developed when coming down. This process further improves other abilities of the spirit because on Earth he did not have the opportunity to express and activate them all. By improving, the spirit becomes more and more radiant and luminous and the finer and ever finer coverings of the soul are being burned automatically. After the spirit travelled through all Gross Material Worlds, it transits all Ethereal Worlds in a similar manner - as a conscious personality, which comes back home, after a long journey around the world, enriched by many experiences and knowledge. This leaves a mark of uniqueness on the personality.

In the time of Judgement in which we presently find ourselves, the Ethereal World is disappearing and that’s why the spirit-germ has to be developed to such a degree that it is able to ascend, “fly” up to the Spiritual Realm after death.

After stepping over the threshold of the Spiritual Realm the spirit continues on the journey through several levels until, according to the Law of Homogeneity, it stops at a certain place where it “settles”, feeling at home. It becomes a welcome member of the new world, where only perfection rules. Here, like on Earth, the spirit loves, but much deeper and with more feeling than on Earth, and without the need for physical contact, as its love stems directly from the perfectly developed spirit. The bliss of spiritual love cannot be imagined by earthly man, as he is limited by his body, soul and the spirit that is not sufficiently developed yet. Even in the Spiritual Realm very close and also loose relationships exist. Laughter and joy are natural means of communication. Work is not a duty, and it is not paid. Everyone does that for which he is best suited and what brings him joy. That’s why everyone likes what he is doing and does it well.

If all processes connected with the development of the spirit did not come about automatically, according to Eternal Laws, where no possibility of cheating the laws or preferential treatment exists, a not so pure spirit could slip into the spiritual worlds and create chaos and imperfection, as happens in the Material Worlds. That’s why Eternal Laws work accurately and with a merciless justice. It is the safety guarantee of spiritual worlds.

At the end of each earthly life the spirit of every man goes through a form of judgement.

In the presence of his Guardian Spirit, which after death is visible either as a light or a radiant being, a “film” of his life is projected in front of him in picture form. Once more he experiences all those happenings and events which were important from the standpoint of his spiritual development. At the same time, he sees their consequences for other people - joy, help, but also suffering and diseases, or death, etc. He is confronted mainly with those problems which he was not able or did not want to acknowledge or accept objectively during his life on Earth. During this judgement the spirit of man gains a complex understanding of his previous life, as he sees the purpose and consequences of his motives and deeds. Everyone seeing this regrets his faults and, with a feeling of a deserved “reward” or “punishment” leaves for either the Astral or higher into the Ethereal World, where the threads of the Elemental Beings lead him. There development continues depending on the reciprocal actions - either in expiating of guilt or with further improvement and education.

The decision about a new incarnation is reached by a more advanced spirit on his own, but with the help of higher spirits, who will attune him to the fates of his future parents. A less mature spirit is subject to the decisions the higher spirits made for him. With every incarnation the soul again covers itself with the physical body and, as a result, forgets the tasks to be fulfilled and the mistakes and wrongdoings. When man on Earth improves only superficially, merely on the level of the body and soul under the only ruler - the intellect, he will forget all intentions and tasks which he decided on in the beyond. The neglected spirit cannot, due to the Law of Homogeneity, remember them.

Despite this, many of the tasks are still fulfilled but only because higher spirits give reminders - via suggestions, dreams, accidents or unexpected situations. If there is no reaction to these, they will remind him with stronger means, in the form of fatal blows and events. Even though it is often difficult and stressful, in the final result it will bring profit as he will awake spiritually, and will advance, even if only partially. Some people will understand the benefit still during their lifetime, others only after death.

Parents could offer great assistance in the development of the spirit if they gave their child enough attention, love and consistency. The spirit of the child would remember more easily, and at the right time, the tasks to fulfil, and would not make unnecessary mistakes in life. But, if the majority of parents only develop their transient coverings, i.e., the body and soul, how can they develop the spirit of their children? Only homogeneity can unite and help each other. But we already know that evil serves also good if a person uses it correctly. So, if someone carries a strong desire for spiritual improvement, he will not fail to achieve his goal, even if the help which he has received for this purpose has failed. The disinterest and superficiality of parents will create mental traumas and shocks for a child, but precisely this can bring about spiritual awakening and support growth.

Negative feelings such as injustice, hate or revenge are a mental burden and impede development, while forgiveness and a positive attitude lift spiritually towards help from above. The lonely warrior, who never gives up, at last overcomes his own weakness. As he had to exert more effort than he should have, he saved himself the repentance of other guilt. Higher spirits know everything about everyone and no one will be short-changed at the reckoning. If a person fulfills all his life’s goals even without helpers - parents, it does not mean that the helpers - parents are released from the consequences of their failure. Eternal Laws function justly and consistently.

A long life is a gift, since man has more opportunities and more time to atone for guilt and to carry out his tasks. But that does not mean that an early death is a punishment. For one person it can be the end of suffering and the transit into a better world, for another it can mean karmic retaliation. For someone else a premature death can be merciful, if he does not travel on the right path and, instead of progressing, he sinks. So as not to burden himself with karma again, death takes away the possibility of more mistakes being made if he did not cause the decline through his own wrongdoing.

Only a person who fulfills his life’s tasks can be balanced in life. That gives him a feeling of purpose even if, sometimes, he is struck by fate more than others. Those who devote all their time on Earth to work and entertainment or improving their body and soul, i.e., the transient coverings, will not remember their spiritual tasks, and become an easy prey of the dark ones. They will lead them away from the possibility of eternal life. That’s why not every spirit becomes eternal. The most important role hereby is played by the free will of man, which decides whether he wants to step up, be luminous and live forever, or whether to sink down, be a dark spirit and live only a few lives on Earth.

When the planet reaches the path of disintegration, it manifests itself in many places as the destruction of matter in the form of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, etc. Man should devote more effort to spiritual growth, as there is not much time left. The neglected, weak, and insufficiently developed spirit will not be able, after death, in the time of Judgement, to escape to higher spheres. It will become part of the disintegration of matter, because the Astral and the whole of the Ethereal World, not just the earthly one, will perish. It will have to painfully experience the loss of the material and soul coverings as the spirit will stay chained to the body - it has nowhere to go. The disintegration of body and soul is connected with the projection of “films” of all individual lives and it lasts about a thousand earthly years. The partially developed spirit loses consciousness due to terrible pain and torment, and gradually dies, until it stops existing as a living spiritual being. It finally shrinks into the original form of the unconscious germ which, according to the Laws of Gravity and Homogeneity, rises to the place of its origin - into the Spiritual Realm, where it unites with the unconscious spiritual precipitation. The ruling spirits will erase it from the Book of Life, as the personality did not finish its promising development on Earth and ceased to exist.

Real extinction however does not exist, what happens is separation. Due to the Law of Homogeneity, the living spirit separates from inorganic matter. If the spirit did not finish its development, it disintegrates with matter into the original basic elements. But the live, well developed spirit, a whole personality, will quickly get rid of its material coverings and ascend to the higher levels, into the Spiritual Realm.

The spirit’s Last Judgement takes place on Earth, as the Earth is the lowest and coarsest of the living planets. Beneath it are merely planets which are disintegrating, they are heavier and almost dead. Those spirits that are not able to rise into the Spiritual Realm in the time of Judgement, when the Ethereal World will have perished, can finish their development on these lower planets, but it will be much more difficult. People and spirits who have heavy karmic guilt towards their fellow men, as well as fallen Angels, will be prohibited from entering the low planets. Since the Astral and the Ethereal World will have expired, they will have to remain in the vicinity of the Earth, and will be part of the thousand years of disintegration. This is the real goal of the Judgement - to destroy the incorrigible dark ones, so they can no longer harm mankind because they had enough lives in which they could have changed.

He who will pass this most difficult test in the World of Matter need not be afraid of failure, as the path back to the Spiritual Realm is easier, the obstacles smaller than they were on Earth. It is a joyful return home.

During the natural disintegration of a planet, which happens gradually in a long process, the spirits, after concluding their development leave the planet first, then nature dies away, and at last matter disintegrates. But, due to sinking unnaturally, our planet started to disintegrate prematurely. An abundance of life, which did not have time to finish its development still remains on the planet and so during disintegration there is loss and suffering of many innocent creatures - people, animals and plants. The Earth is in a similar situation to a man who, in middle age, full of creative strength, was attacked by dangerous micro-organisms and is threatened by a terminal illness. Dark spirits, like parasites, attack the Earth and try to destroy it along with all that lives on it.

The disintegration of the planet is also noticeable on people, on their bodies, as a diminished resistance to disease and on their soul through distorted values, as well as in their activities.

A further result is visible in the economy as several crises: in one part of the world there is overabundance of money and material goods, in another part there is a lack thereof. Despite an effort to create a balance, no equalization happens as the dark ones are preventing it. People who cheat get rich and those who work honestly have to pay for them. Most successful are those areas of industry which are not at all useful for the spiritual development of mankind, but merely tie up great financial wealth. They support disintegration, although the general opinion claims the opposite to be the truth, i.e., that without them normal life could not exist.

Let’s contemplate what further development can there be for a person who stopped doing even the simplest calculations in his head or on paper and leaves everything to the electric calculator or computer. How can memory or mathematical and logical abilities develop if they are not being used at all? Without his artificial tools man is not able to work, plan or think. And that is the aim. Why should people think for themselves? To find out that they are hurtling into destruction, that they became the victims of black magic in a cloak of modernity?

Mass media dictates what a person is supposed to do, what is proper, healthy or useful. Because the media is dependent on money, it is not controlled by creative people but by the people who pay them. And they have only earthly goals in mind - the return and enlargement of their investment. They determine what should be offered to people, how they should educate themselves or how they should be entertained. The media are becoming advertising agencies rather than institutions providing objective information. If someone is able to “smuggle” into a programmme something of a spiritual and enriching nature, it is curtailed to such an extent that the result will bring more misunderstanding and harm than good.

He who has kept a certain spiritual independence has realized that advancements in the electronics industry have created, apart from stress, even more chaos and problems in our lives than before. And its advocates promised simplification and more clarity for all work and life. The introduction of electronics has simplified simple things, but important and complex ones have been made even more complex and obscure. That’s why a lack of time, chaos and bureaucracy have become a symbol of the computer era. Hours spent daily at the TV or computer leave less time for other - spiritual - development.

Modern man is always complaining about the lack of time but he does not think about the fact that he has more time than he had before, he just is not able to allot and use it properly.

Let’s have a closer look at how disintegration influences social relationships. Every one of us has been through so many disappointments, misunderstandings and upsets that we no longer believe anyone - not even the one who really could help. Mistrust and the resulting misunderstandings and malevolence accompany every area of human relationships. We lost the natural ability of intuitive perception, as even if we built on it, we thought it misled us, only to discover later that it was not the intuitive perception that misled us but the intellect. Sometimes a luminous spirit leads us, other times a dark one, but both express themselves almost in the same way. How are we to distinguish who is giving advice? We are not able to see what is the truth and what is a lie. Unfortunately, the majority of us live with the blissful assumption that we can distinguish between them.

In politics, the continuing decline manifests itself in the dissatisfaction with every leading politician. This is widespread all over the world. Political parties are riddled with infighting, confusion and mistakes brought about by the dark ones, but blamed on innocents. The goal of the dark ones is to remove the capable people from their positions and replace them with dark ones, who will lead people with false promises into crises, wars and death.

In the time of Judgement people behave like a faulty clock, which functions, but shows incorrect time. Man thinks that if he is busy all the time he is useful and a valuable member of the society. He has no time to consider his life and distinguish between things. Many people do not even realize that they are distorted. They live only to survive. Normality is measured by the majority, because it is the majority that lives in a similar manner - for today only.

The Law of Homogeneity merely confirms that as the Earth disintegrates all that is on it also has to change, decline. Only what is not homogeneous with matter - and that is the spirit, can avoid this process. The spirit cannot be touched by the disintegration of matter as long as it is sufficiently developed and alive. Only when it sleeps and is not conscious of itself, can it be a victim of matter, as then matter will overrule the spirit.

Whoever still senses the chaos and reasons for the disintegration around him is then not a part of it, is above it. He still has a chance to escape, to distance himself from the disintegrating mass of the majority of people, who do not perceive this process, as they have become part of it already. The spirit which, due to its size, has filled the whole soul and body spiritualises people so much, that they become immune to the initial stages of the disintegration. That’s why these individuals are still relatively mentally and physically healthy and spiritually perceptive. They see and feel what the others do not even suspect.

The sharpening of the contrasts of good and evil during the time of disintegration is a natural phenomenon of separating spirits into people either spiritual or material. Either the injustice, deficiencies, suffering and evil bring them onto the side of Light, i.e., eternal life, or it will pull them down into the Darkness, destruction.

For those who are trying to develop their spirit and who did not succumb to Lucifer’s lures the Tempter has more traps ready - spiritual teachers, clairvoyants, healers and educated magicians. Their magical abilities are supposed to be the most convincing proof of the spiritual “progress” of mankind. No one realizes that their public performances and the superficial combining of individual parts of the Truth are just a pretense, which is to confuse those who have so far not been misled. The luminous exceptions work along the same lines so that the only key to distinguish between them is the inner purity of a person.

How did Darkness penetrate religions and spiritual teachings when their adherents want only good and to learn nothing but the pure Truth? In a homogeneous manner - through superficiality and lies. Because many of those who call themselves deeply religious or highly spiritual and who are supposedly merely seeking the Truth are that way only in church or when reading spiritual literature. They really keep their ideals as ideals only, they do not apply them in daily life. They only value them with other people, as they are not able to fulfill them themselves. In reality they are schizophrenics who regard the book as one and life as something else. This superficiality, lies and pretense will come back to them through the Law of Reciprocal Action, in that they will also be lied to. They either let themselves be misled onto the wrong path, or they are constantly under the influence of the dark ones, who manipulate and deceive them in the same way as they deceive others.

Which religion or spiritual teaching is the true one? How does one recognize what is the truth and what a lie, when they are interwoven everywhere, just in a different proportion? Unfortunately, in the time of disintegration the device with which the Truth was always measured - man, has also been broken. Hardly anyone can intuitively perceive or judge correctly anymore. Even if you show people the purest Truth directly from God, and you clearly and consistently explain it, the majority will still not understand it and will doubt it. The Law of Homogeneity prevents it from being received generally as, in order to recognize, understand, and practice pure Truth, the person himself has to be sufficiently pure and truthful. But people today are distorted by various dogmas and intellectual speculations. It is difficult to accept something which is beyond the present day attitude because everything is compared to that.

A dishonest and insincere person will never become a friend of a sincere and truthful person, even if both would want it. The Law of Homogeneity will eliminate this possibility. Only if one of them becomes the way the other one is, can they be equal friends. The same applies when distinguishing the Truth. A distorted and insincere person will never recognize and understand that which is straightforward and truthful, as it is foreign to him, not homogeneous.

Everyone will only accept such truth, and will only be able to take as much of it as he himself is straightforward and truthful.

But there are always exceptions. That’s why even this key is not universal. Even a person lacking character, whose deeds are everything but good and just, can understand the real and pure Truth. But his “punishment” is that he is not able to apply it, even with his best will, as Darkness has more power over him than he has over himself. He chained himself to Darkness with impure deeds and motives or inclinations. That’s why the understanding of Truth is superfluous for him and does not save him.

So, in order to distinguish the real teaching from the untruthful, one first has to evaluate himself. He has to admit that he also deceives and cheats, it is not only done by someone else to him. If he realizes, and not merely once but a hundred times, that he lies too, only then will he get rid of his distortion, his impurity and he will become truthful. According to the Law of Homogeneity he will be capable of accepting a purer Truth and apply it as well, as he himself becomes purer.

There is only one Truth, that’s why it weaves through all religions and teachings, apart from certain deviations, which distorted people or dark ones have added.

If people would not have deviated from the right path they would not need so many religions. The number of different religious movements is an expression of spiritual degeneration. Everyone, according to the Law of Homogeneity, will join that religion which is closest to his nature - most homogeneous with him.

The pure Truth is unbelievable, unacceptable and almost insufferable for comfortable, deformed and untrue people. We have seen it in the example of people who personally came into contact with God’s Sons. They were not able to “digest” their purity and truthfulness. Only the purest people, who have not been ruled by the intellect, but by intuitive perception, i.e., the spirit, were able to accept them and their Truth. Hypocrites and people who were too tied to matter and the intellect felt their presence as almost unbearable.

Everyone can only accept as much as he deserves, and as much as he can bear. It is proper and just this way. The Law of Reciprocal Action will reward man for what he is. A good and honest person will stay so, even if others deceive him. That’s why he is able to recognize, accept and apply the Truth, as he himself is the Truth. Such a person does not need to learn as much anymore, he only confirms what he feels inside. He accepts new knowledge without difficulty, as his moderate distortion can be straightened.

He who overlooks obscurities and gaps with closed ears, merely to avoid upsetting himself, is a superficial seeker of Truth. His reward will only be a partial Truth. The universal Truth cannot be accepted by all, as they would all have to be truthful and pure. As they are not, they need such truths which they can take, which are homogenous with them, i.e., more or less distorted. That’s why forceful persuasion is useless, because everyone must want to seek the Truth for himself. He who does not seek it will not accept it, even if it was offered unselfishly and in the interest of his salvation.

We should not mistake telling the truth for divulging everything about one’s inner feelings to anyone who wants to listen. On the contrary, a person’s innermost feelings have to be protected with the feeling of shame, kept private, as something holy, which only belongs to him or her.