Earthquakes, tsunamis, destruction is here

It is not real, there is nothing to fear

It's time to comeback to your own

What is important, is it your home,

Your stuff, how much you own?

That is gone it's about love and togetherness

So be strong and do not stress

You already know this so tap into that

You are stronger than you know cause you chose to be here at this

The New Dawn, this is amazing, it is divine

The people who perish sacrificed themselves

It's part of the major plan they

New this beforehand

Because there is no death

Life continues for eternity

Your soul lives on in serenity

For us all to be

Love, connected to each other

We always have been my brothers

Soon we will reunite hand in hand

Mind connections Travel into our new land

Of beauty, love, peace and tranquility,

No more greed, evil, and powers that be

We are all equal all one together

We will all float hand in hand like a feather

Together, forever, peace, love and harmony

We will all lose our "stuff"

So get tough

Because soon you will see

This was all meant to be

Your life will be so different but so much better

Stop clinging to the lies, greed, and fear

Live everyday knowing it's unreal

You will see

It's meant to be

Earth's rebirth