"In enlightenment,
everything gets
stripped down to its essence.

All of these seemingly
different things,
the body, the mind
thoughts, emotions,
outer objects,
are revealed to be
one thing.

And it is not a thing,
but rather,
it is energy,
fluid, moving, conscious energy.

And with awareness
you begin to recognize
this flow of energy.

You begin to taste 
the peace and the bliss
that is a result of this flow.

So another way to look 
at meditation
or whatever spiritual process
you practice
is that you are fully awakening
and allowing this energy to flow,

You learn to awaken the energy
and then get out of your own way
so this Shakti can move
through you and as you,
so that this dense
separate mass of contraction
can relax into bliss,
can come back to its true nature.

And this happens
even on the physical level.

The pathways in the body
are opened up
so that the energy can flow freely
and your awareness can expand
far beyond the body
into infinity.



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