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Peter Farley

Peter Farley is an author, writer, teacher, metaphysical researcher and a spiritual healer who is available for either personal or absentee healing work (e.g. via the Internet). All chronic dis-eases have their bases in spiritual blockages of one's energy through mental or emotional abberrations experienced either in this lifetime or prior lifetimes. Peter is able to read these difficulties and work WITH the client to unblock the flow of their spiritual energy. Energy work can be performed at any distance to help open blocked chakras. Bach Flower Remedies and herbs are used to break up and clear out unwanted traits. Peter works only with the Highest spiritual guidance to do his work in order to free the client in order that they may then choose to pursue their given mission here on the planet during these most difficult times.

 Articles by this Author

How to Change Your Life For The Better

The hardest thing mankind does is change . . well it's easier then we think.  We can have almost anything our heart's desire, as long as we do not get attached to things. Practice releasing attachment to at least one thing each and every day.