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Trevor Gollagher

Trevor Gollagher
Spiritual teacher for 30 years and author of 6 books. I currently operate a spiritual and therapy centre in Brisbane, Australia. Learn more about me at www.trevorgollagher.com

 Articles by this Author

Self Enquiry - Knowing Where You Are

An article on recognising your truth.  Are you feeling negative or burdened in your life right now ? If so, why is this? From a higher spiritual understanding, we can see it is not because our partner, friend, or associate has been a pain.

Gulf Oil spill

An article on how to view the changes that are currently occuring on the planet

Time to Re-affirm Intention and Direction

An article on bringing clarity in our current times.  Many people, due to insecurity and fears, will engaged the mind in more activity, searching for a way out of what they are experiencing. This will feed more doubt and uncertainty in to reality. This will cause much activity of negativity within, which amplifies and intensifies an unreal existence.