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Shawna VandeBurgt

Shawna VandeBurgt
As a 23 year old female living in a wise woman's body, it hasn't been the easiest task to find people to connect with. I'm creating to connect with loving and caring people like myself to share our natural gifts together to raise the vibration of the planet. It is a time to connect and I feel it is our duty now more than ever before to come together as a human race.

 Articles by this Author

Come Together... Right Now!

Sanctitude is a place created just for individuals in the Reno/Tahoe Area to come connect and renew themselves. We have once a month retreats where we celebrate the joy of life with healthy meals, creative events, seminars and etc! It is also a cozy place to lay your head if you are needing a place to hang your hat. We offer rooms to rent that come with your own kitchen and bathroom! Please contact me for any further information or to see available room stay at Sanctitude. Thank you! Shawna - creativeclipxs@vmdirect.com